Top 10 Most Attractive And Inspiring Female Fitness Models of 2021 part two



Top 10 Most Attractive And Inspiring Female Fitness Models of 2021

39. Katrina and Karena
Here is a different kind of Instagram channel - instead of being the personal account of a single girl, this account is being run by 2 California-based girls Katrina and Karena. Karena is a triathlete and a model, while Karena is a health science student, which means the two of them are great at supplementing and helping each other out - one with the exercises, and the other with proper diet advice.
According to a recent interview, the duo said that having balance in your diet and exercise is the key to having good health. They told the interviewer, "Balance. Never go to one extreme or the other. Finding a balance in all areas of your life from fitness, diet, work, friends, family, and solo time. A balance in all these areas are all important to living a healthy and happy life."
38. Rachel Brathen
Rachel Brathen is a different kind of fitness superhero. She isn't into weight lifting high-intensity interval training sessions as much as the other girls on today's list. Rachel is a world-famous yoga instructor. She is obviously excellent at her job and knows how to take social media-worthy photos, which is why she currently has over 2 million followers on her Instagram account.
Rachel doesn't believe in labels, which is why she doesn't call herself "vegan" anymore. She says "I still eat a mainly vegan diet-I don't eat meat or eggs and I don't drink milk." She believes that putting labels on yourself is just going to limit your choice and future progress, which is not something you like to do when it comes to your health. She now eats a whole foods-based diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, some whole grains like quinoa and barley.
37. Tanya Poppett
Tanya Poppett is an Australia-based fitness instructor. She uploads a lot of videos on her Instagram account of her exercises. Some of her videos are extremely difficult to watch, due to how intense her workouts are. Watching them, you can feel how much energy she puts into her workouts - that's why she now has one of the hottest bodies on Instagram - to the satisfaction of her 351,000 followers.
Tanya believes in quality over quantity when it comes to training. "High-Intensity Interval Training, Strength Circuits, and Speed Based Cardio Workouts are my favorite ways to train. I love this type of training because it is a quick and effective way to boost your metabolism and condition your muscles without placing too much stress on your body," wrote Tanya in a blog post for IsoWhey.
36. Lauren Fisher
Lauren Fisher is a college student and a CrossFit competitor, but her Instagram profile and photos have a remarkable girl-next-door feel to them. Being as popular as she is, and still keeping that kind of feeling to your web presence is a great achievement - it is what makes her so much more relatable to her 690,000 social media followers. She also uploads some silly/funny pics in addition to her fitness photos.
A typical breakfast for Lauren includes fish oil tablets (for the added Omega-3 benefit), 2 eggs + 1 egg white + 2 chicken breakfast sausage trader joe's or turkey bacon + lots of veggies + oatmeal. For lunch, she has 4 ounces meat or fish (I try to stay away from red meat because it's high in fats, but might eat it 1 to 2 times a week) + 1 serving rice + guacamole + veggies or salad.
35. Natalie Jill
Natalie Jill is a seriously happy and fun girl - you can just see the positive energy radiating from her photos. She, just like many other stars, didn't start out with her goal body - she actually started 60 pounds heavier, and slowly lost the wait as her account and follower numbers progressed further. She is a single mom and a functional fitness trainer from San Diego, California. Her account already has over 513,000 followers.
Natalie's advice can be summed up to: think of how your ancestors ate 10,000 years ago - if they didn't eat it, you shouldn't either. She also says "Make sure all of your meals contain a balance of healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins. If you need help with this my Jump Start Programs are a GREAT place to start as it teaches you ALL about this."
34. Aurora Lauzeral
In comparison to the other featured celebrities in today's story, Aurora is a French certified personal trainer and bodybuilder. As you can see from her photos, she has a rather enviable body, and an awesome, positive, radiating smile. She uploads a lot of fitness-based images and videos to her Instagram account, which currently has over 579,000 followers, and growing on a daily basis.
For warm-ups, Aurora likes to complete 5 minutes of jogging. She also likes to vary her routine, so she doesn't get stuck on the same training schedule. Monday is her shoulder/arms/abs training, which includes the Push jerks 4 x 10, dumbbell upright rows 4 x 10, cable rear delt fly's (superset), cable front raises 4 x 10, skull crushers 4 x 10 (superset and drag curls 4 x 10 exercise.
33. Kayla Itsines
Kayla Itsines is an Australian fitness model - it seems like Australia has a lot more celebrity fitness models than the other countries in the world. Anyway, Kayla is a certified fitness training, that has an almost cult-like following on social media, of over 6 million followers - that's the most of any featured up till now. Many of her fans swear by her "Bikini Body Guide," which has helped thousands of people.
She tried not to follow any of the fad diets - instead, she follows her own healthy food regimen. One of her recommendations lists poached eggs and an avocado and tomato for breakfast. For snacks, you can have strawberries and cream smoothie, which can be made by using 160g of strawberries, 250ML of low-fat milk, 150g of low-fat yogurt, and 1 scoop of protein powder - in her case, vanilla flavored.
32. Lyzabeth Lopez
Lyzabeth Lopez is a Canadian-based trainer, that's famous for a few different reasons. First of all, a lot of her advice and workouts are centered on offering girls the best ways possible to achieve an hourglass figure. An hourglass figure is when your hips and chest/back area are larger in diameter than your stomach/love handle area. She has over 2 million followers.
One of Lyzabeth's most popular posts is about how to lose weight on a vegan diet. She says that anyone can easily lose weight on a vegan diet, by just following her advice. First of all, vegan practitioners need to reduce the amount of refined foods in their diet. After that, she recommends that you add more veggies to your diet, as well as to get used to using dairy alternatives, as vegans are not allowed to eat any kind of animal-based food.
31. Amanda Bisk
Amanda Bisk is an Australian goddess - just look at her Instagram pictures, her body looks amazing in all the different kinds of outfits and weather. It doesn't matter if she's at the pool or at the park, she is always willing and ready to exercise. Amanda has almost twice as many followers as the previous Instagram star in this list - 638,000 to be exact.
Amanda trains every day. Her basic training takes only 20 minutes, and is based on several whole-body exercises, such as "high knees, planks, butt kicks, froggers, burpees, jump squats, walkouts and reverse lunges." You can do these exercises with or without weights, depending on your form and previous workout experience. For her nutrition, she keeps a clean diet and tries not to drink alcohol or eat fast food.
30. Jeanette Jenkins
While Jeanette Jenkins may not have as large of a following as the other stars in today's list, her 361,000-plus followers are nothing to scoff at. She is a celebrity fitness trainer that also posts motivational quotes on a frequent basis in order to help out her fans and to motivate them to workout. She also posts a lot of selfies in fun fitness clothes.
Jeanette has a famous blog post, detailing a 7-day healthy meal plan. The meal plan includes 1,500-2,000 calories per day, which is enough for most women (add 500 calories if you are a guy). For the first day, you can have scrambled egg whites, sautéed collard greens, turkey bacon, brown rice, green tea with lemon for breakfast, and grilled chicken breast with garlic spinach and half a cup of baked yam for lunch.

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