all are doing workouts for months and not seeing any results Usually the problem is not that you're not exercising It might be that you're just missing a few tips here and there it might be just one thing you're missing. That's just holding you back So, like I said,

this video is going to be talking about homework out mistakes that you may be making that are stopping you From seeing the progress that you deserve Let's get started with number five for this mistake i'm gonna be focusing on fat Back fat chest fat arm fat not letting you be great fat We're gonna be talking about all the biggest mistakes.

Tips To Improve Your Working Out Routine

I see people making with all these different types of fat and that mistake is thinking That these body parts are somehow special they are special because they're on your body but in terms of getting rid of back fat chest fat and arm fat The way to get rid of them is the same way to get rid of fat on any other part of the body it requires 100 commitment to an exercise routine and 100 commitment to the correct diet for your goals So let's talk about the exercise part of it to lose back fat I've noticed that when a lot of people are trying to get rid of back fat chest fat and arm fat There's a very strong tendency to want to only do resistance exercises resistance exercises are things that don't generally get your heart rate up And they make your muscles burn .

So a great example would be a push-up a lot of people trying to work on their chest May find that they are trying really hard to do push-ups Or people that are trying to get rid of arm fat may find themselves trying to do a lot of arm exercises like bicep curls Or arm raises these exercises are awesome but by themselves They cannot get rid of back fat arm fat or chest fat these exercises must be combined with cardio This is what is going to help you get faster results if you are doing any of my workouts or any of my programs You don't even have to think about it because i've already done all the thinking for you.

Mistakes To Avoide While Working Out

So go to start your trial and try it out for yourself It is so convenient But my point here is you have to do both those toning exercises That are strengthening the muscle giving them nice definition and shape and also do the cardio Exercises which is what is going to help you burn the fat faster.

You also have to pay attention to your diet There is no one diet that works for everybody and honestly the way you tweak or change or overhaul Your diet should be based on your personality But honestly that is just that's a whole different story for for a totally different video home workout Mistake number four is making progress But not realizing that you've made progress.

Let me explain Some of you are out here doing my challenges if you haven't done any of my challenges you're missing out You should definitely sign up for that I have a link below for you to join the waitlist to just do it do it today join Just do it now Anyways, some of you do my challenges or do my workouts or programs Whatever and you get results you lose weight you're getting stronger You're doing your first push-up,

Proper Way To Do Workout

but you are not realizing how big a deal it is that you can finally do push-ups You're not realizing how big a deal it is that you lost five pounds in a month People are just not realizing that they are making progress when they are. Let me give a specific example I've had some people lose fat from various parts of their body Maybe they lose fat from their arms their belly their back wherever it is some people want to lose fat from their thighs they lose the fat that they want to lose and then They want to do more exercises to tone up loose skin.

Here's the thing exercising will help you burn fat Exercising will help with muscle definition muscle strength muscle tone But exercise in itself is unlikely to be able to get rid of loose skin.

So some people Make amazing progress. They get rid of the arm fat. They tone their arm muscles But there's a little bit of loose skin on the arms and because of that loose skin. They just throw away all the progress They've made like it doesn't matter. It doesn't mean a thing and it sucks when there's a part of the body That doesn't look the way you hope it would look or the way that's acceptable to society for it to look but I really want to encourage you not to throw away all your progress And be sad when you've worked so hard to get the results that you have so far They think they haven't made any progress and they feel depressed. Please don't do that celebrate your progress There are ways to get rid of loose skin,

but it's usually not by doing exercise So don't make that mistake of not realizing when you've made progress It will discourage you and it will cause you to regress and we don't want that We don't want you to go back to your old ways.

We like the new you mistake number three Let's talk about those arms arm exercises are really awesome because most people can do them pretty easily Most arm exercises are very easy to master,

This Might Help You to Do A Proper Body Excersice

but it's also very easy to cheat with arm exercises And what do I mean by cheating cheating is allowing your arms to be Near the floor when the voice over the workout says keep your arms parallel to the floor Sometimes it's unavoidable But if you have the energy when the exercise voiceover says put your arms parallel to the floor Try to put your arms parallel to the floor.

It will get you better results You know what? I don't even like to call this cheating because the mere fact that you showed up For your workout is already something to be happy about so we're not gonna call it cheating.

We're gonna call it a modification another Modification I see people making that I would like to suggest we avoid making is swinging the arms too fast so when there is a bicep curl or an arnold press Those movements should always be slow and controlled movements This is what really recruits the muscles it engages those muscles to make sure you're stressing them enough That they are actually changing and toning into the look the shape and the level of strength that you want.

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