Do this crazy workout set at least three timesa week, you won’t believe how these workouts would transform your thighs and hips. Here is the list of our crazy hips and thighsworkout. First.

Squat and Leg Lift. Start standing straight with your feet apart,approximately at the shoulder width. Extend your arms straight out in front ofyou and parallel to the ground. After you have finished doing one squat, liftup your leg laterally and then lower it down with control.

Return to the original squat position andcontinue. Now let’s get into the squat and leg liftmove. We’ll be doing this for one minute. Just like the demonstration in the video,squat down and lift up your leg. Take turns to lift up your left and rightleg.

Remember when you lower down your leg, don’t use the momentum, use your thigh and hip muscles to control the whole movement. This way you can feel the burn. Half way to go. Look straight ahead, don’t look down whenyou’re doing the squat. Don’t forget to breathe in just before youbegin to lower down your body, exhale when extending your legs back to the starting position. Last ten seconds.

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Three Two One Nice work! Let’s move to our second workout. Side Squat. Similar to normal squats, stand straight asthe starting position, but take your feet out sideways so they are wider than the shoulderwidth distance. Keep your hands forward at the chest level. Slowly move your hip back and squat to oneside, keep the other side’s leg straight.

And then use the heel to push yourself upand squat to another side. Side squat is awesome as it will give an extrafocus on the outer thighs. Let’s start doing side squats for a minutenow. Remember start pushing your hips backwards and then lower yourself down to your right side.

Your left leg should remain as straight aspossible. Don’t lean too forward, control the sidemovements with your quads and glutes. Keep your heels down on the floor and pushyourself to another side. There shouldn’t be a high pressure on yourknees. Feeling the burn yet? 20 seconds more. Inhale when squatting down, exhale when you move up. Last five seconds.

Three Two One. Good stuff! You can take a rest for 15 to 30 seconds afterdoing the first two moves. Of course you can take a longer break if you need, the correct form and muscles usage are way more important than the number of repetitions here. Alright, time for the third move. Side Leg Raise and Tapping. This workout consists of two parts.

We’ll begin with leg raise. Lie on your right side with your right forearmon the ground to support your body weight, you can put your left hand in front of yourbody to help balance. Straighten both of your legs and then liftthe left leg to above hip height,

meanwhile keep your right leg on the floor. As for leg tapping, it is similar to leg raise, but lifts up your left and right legs and taps both heels in the air like clapping. We will first do the side leg raise for 1minute. When you do the leg raise, always keep yourlegs straight and you should feel the stretch of your quads.

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To increase the feeling of your hips, you can lower your leg and place it in front of your right leg first. For another leg raise, you can do it backward. Just like the interval demonstrated in thevideo.

This way it can give you the extra burningfeeling of your hips. Change to your left side after 30 secondsand repeat the leg raises. I know you are exhausted right now, but keep your posture. Don’t arch your spine. Remember to lift your leg above the hip level. Okay, last 10 seconds.

And three Two One Now we will immediately do another 30 secondsleg tapping. Start on the right side first. Remember to hold both of your legs in theair and do the tapping with your heels. Keep your feet up in the air. Now change to another side and keep going. Tighten your thighs and hips when doing. Five more seconds.

Three Two One Well done! Time for our fourth workout. Lunge. Start standing up at the hip width. Step forward with one foot and place anotherone at the back.

Bend your front leg until reaching a 90-degreeangle and keep your rear knee parallel to the ground. Lift your front lunging leg afterwards andreturn to the starting position. You should be feeling the burn in your outerthigh and hamstring. We would repeat the lunging for one minute.

You can put your hand at your chest levelto help balance your body. Remember your front knee should not go beyondyour toes. Slowly push up your body using your frontfoot. Repeat the whole knee bend and push up movementon one leg for 30 seconds.

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Switch to another leg now and repeat the reps. Lunges are really good for training your quads. Make sure the knee of your front leg is bentto nearly 90-degree to maximize the burning feeling. Keep going, just 10 seconds more.

Three Two One Fantastic! Time for a short break before going into theremaining two workouts. You can subscribe to our channel for morehealth and fitness videos. Number Five. Donkey Kick (Big and Small).

We have two variations of donkey kick here. Place your hands on the floor as the startingposition, keep them at shoulder width. If you find it hard, you can alternatively placeyour forearms.

Keep your knee and pelvis on the straightline, raise your leg back and kick upward and complete one rep by returning to the startingposition. For the small kicks, we would hold the legin the air and do the small raises.

Let’s get into the moves. We will do the big donkey kick for 30 secondsfirst.

Keep a around 90-degree bend of your kneeand lift your leg up. Don’t forget to keep your back in a neutralflat position to avoid over arching your lower back. Last 5 seconds for big donkey kicks. Now do 15 seconds of small donkey kicks. Keep your leg in the air and lift it up repetitively.

We are targeting to squeeze the glute muscles. Keep the small kicks and squeeze. Alright now switch to another leg and repeatthe big donkey kicks. I know this may be a bit intense but thisis absolutely effective in training your hip and creating that curve you want, so keep kicking! 10 seconds. Time for the small donkey kicks. Focus on squeezing your hip when doing thissmall kick. Five more seconds.

Three Two One Great work! Here comes the final exercise. Single Leg Hip Bridge. Start doing by lying on the floor, contract the upper back and bring the foot in to where the knees create a 90 degree angle when inhip extension.

Place one leg on your planted foot. Extend the hips to create the bridge and activelythink about contracting the glutes. Time to work on the hip bridge. Remember to tighten your core during the wholehip bridge workout. You can place your hands next to your bodyto help balance. Focus on contracting your glute when doinghip bridge.

Change to another leg after 5 seconds. Continue to do the hip bridge for 30 moreseconds.

Hold for 1 second at the top before loweringdown. Keep squeezing your glute and lift your hipsup as far as you can. Last 10 seconds. Three Two One Done. Stretching time! Do some stretching exercises to relax yourmuscles a bit, especially your inner thighs and your glutes.

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