YES, it's not possible to ever get somethingoutside of your expectation. So, the key to getting somethingdifferent is to think about what it is you're wanting,and think about what you're getting, and try to spend a little more time thinking about what you want,

and a little less time about what is. You see, most people, you're going to like this we have not said this in this way before,most people contour and arrive at their expectation basedupon what they are observing, sowhat is has most of their attention, so what is is slow to change.

Andmost people come to expect what is, and it's logical, isn't it?you notice it,

you collect the data about it, you offer a vibration about it, so itmanifests, so you notice it, so it manifests, so younotice it, so it manifests. And that's not a bad thing, it is not abad thing that there is a platform of expectation from which you arelaunching into your next creation. We would not ever want to take yourability to observe away from you, because it adds to thestability and the continuity of the platform from which you are creating.

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but when you want change from what is, then it is your job to spend less time "what is-ing" and moretime "what if-ing", less time observing what is,more time imagining what can be, more time remembering something that you like,and that's how you change expectation.

This is the new thing that we weretalking about, expectation can only be changedwhen you merge together the platform from where you are with something thatyou want that is beyond it. Most people are really moreregurgitators of life than anything else, even the medical and the scientificcommunities move very slowly, because they're so busy collecting data aboutwhat is, that they feel their thought processesfull of what is, and they substantiate theirexpectation about what is,

so, what could be is very slow to morph,you see; but it does not need to be, it can change much more rapidly than it does. So, really the answer is:think more about where you're going and less about where you are.,that really is, spend more time noticing what is, getinside your head, get in your imagination, step back from the details of where youare. And that's not only in relationship with how your body looks and feels,but it's about how you feel about the food that you're eating.

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You have to begin to see food differently. We're surprised that any ofyou can find anything to eat, because almost every food substancehas had several books written about why you should not eat it; so much so thatmost people who are planning for food, sitting infront of food, shopping for food, choosing the restaurant, looking at the menu,watching others eat or eating themselves, almost everybody who is in the attitudeof a relationship with food, in any way, is in a sort of state of semi totremendous trauma.

And so, the answer is to spend, as at least as much timethinking about the food that you're going to eat, as you doactually eating the food, and during the time that you're thinking about the foodthat you're going to eat, work on imagining it to be as you wantit to be in relationship to your body, so that you,just gently, morph your expectationinto a new place. Let's say that you're getting ready, you're going to go have aa nice meal somewhere tonight with someone,

and you know that you'll be in the restaurant for an hour or two,or maybe longer; and so, in anticipation of going there,imagine how you will feel while you are there, imaginefeeling satisfied at the place you've chosen to be,imagine feeling satisfied at the wonderful people who haveculminated to prepare your food and serve it to you,imagine the fun you will have with those that you willexchange your words and fun. And then, turn your attention to thefood that you will eat, and begin anticipating in advance whatgood choices you will make. Step back from it in a more general wayand think about how delightful this experience is goingto be.

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And then, think about your body, thisintelligent body of trillions of cells, each of which know exactly what to do;and complement them, sort of collectively, for theirability to maintain the continuity of your body, and speak tothem lovingly, saying to them: "I know you know what todo", and "I always think of you as I amchoosing the food that i'm eating", and "I know that you have the ability to deal with whatever it is that I give you", and "you have the ability to utilize the energy from it,and give me feelings of energy and movement and flexibility","you have the ability to add to my well-being","I feel appreciation for the cells of my body,

and for the food that i'm eating,and for those who prepare it", and "i'm so looking forward to this time". And, if you can stay in that sort of friendly,loving dialogue for 15 or 20 minutes here and there, you don't have to do itall at once, but as you make the appointment, flow some thought toward it;as you're driving toward it, flow some thought toward it; as you'resitting in the restaurant, flow some thought toward it.

In other words,get yourself warmed up, it's what we call vibrational prepaving, it's thinkingabout a positive outcome from the action thatyou're about to take part in. And so, what happens to most is, you dothe opposite of warming up relative to so many things. When you gointo a run all full of dread and resistance,when you are sort of not loose and limber, but you use your willpower toforce yourself forward, you stretch your muscles beyond,

becauseyou have not warmed them up, so to speak. And most ofyou are trying to get so much leverage out ofyour action, and you don't do any warm-up of yourenvironment, by thinking about what, you want you don't get your juices flowing,so to speak, you don't prepare your body, you don'tbring yourself into alignment, and so, it's like only a scanty partof the cooperative cells, come to the party, and they do their best tocompensate with what you've got going on, but you haven't opened the links ofalignment unless you've done you're anticipating, your sort ofvibrational warm-up or pre-pave. And that's what you're talking abouthere.

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That's why I don't like exercise, I don't do the warm-up.-But you see, if you would think of the warm-up as avibrational thing, once you begin to get a sense of the leverage in energy alignment, then you will discover there's so muchmore power...

one who's connected to the stream is more powerful than a millionwho are not. There's so much leverage in thisvibrational warm-up, in this vibrational alignment,in this readying yourself. And all that means is you can tellwhen you've warmed up. Let's say that you've been dreading it; well, don't doanything in an attitude of dread, at least get to a place of sort of kind of wanting. In other words, bring yourselfat least into hoping,

or some semblance of positive expectation,before you proceed forward. So, it's a vibrational warm-up that you're doing.And you have to know, as you look around at the variety of experiences that people are having in relationships to their bodies,and food and movement, you just have to know there's much more to it than just food in food out, or action that is causing an expenditure of energy; it's about this vibrational alignment.

And so, when you say "i'm feeling good, i'mfeeling happier about food, i'm eating more of what i'm wanting", wewould say that's that emotional warm-up; but then you say "buti'm gaining weight"... So, the emotional journey that we're talking aboutis, if you will let your gauge not be the scale for a while,not be the physical results for a while, but let your gauge beyour mood or your attitude, and you can maintain that for a little while,

you'll begin to notice that, once you get through that warm-up time,that your body will start to come into vibrational alignmentwith your improving expectation, until you can literally become one of thosepeople who can say what you want and have it beby the power of your expectation, regardless of the physicalbehavior or action that is surrounding the situation. It is not necessary that you alter your behavior, it is necessary that you alter your thoughts regarding your behavior,and when you do, all things are possible, truly they are.

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