These are things to do in orderto see results. So there's two types of fat that layer ourbellies. There's the subcutaneous fat that is righton the outside. And then there's the visceral fat. And the visceral fat is the fat that surroundsyour organs inside of your abdomen. And the visceral fat is something that wereally need to watch out for. According to Harvard health, and the new yorktimes the belly fat,

The visceral fat surrounding your organs has been linked to a bunch ofserious diseases such as heart disease, which can obviously lead to heart attacks, cancerand dementia. Honestly, the scariest thing to me is thatyou don't even need to be obese or overweight in order to have this visceral fat. So even in a regular body type average bodytype like myself, I could be accumulating visceral abdominal fat and accumulating dangerousbelly fat.

Diets That Will Help You To Loose Belly Fat

visceral fat or abdominal fat is linked todiseases and then also it's basically like another organ that secretes hormones and differentchemicals that are linked to diseases that I mentioned earlier. And I don't know if you've read things onlinebut colorectal cancer is like skyrocketing in younger people. Usually it was just for older people. But now that everyone is increasing theirvisceral fat Unfortunately, the colorectal cancer is really going up,

especially in youngerpeople, which is definitely worrisome. So even if it is super important to look goodfor the aesthetics in order for your clothing to fit well for you to get that Instagrampic. Another reason is for your health and foryour well being and for your longevity.

So the title of this video mentions endomorph. Now you're probably wondering, what is anendomorph? So there's 3 types of body types. There's the ectomorph, the mesomorph, andthe endomorph. I'll just quickly go over what those typesof body types look like. The ectomorph tends to be thin and usuallycan't gain any weight whether that be fat or muscle. Oh how I wish I was an ectomorph. A mesomorph combines the two types, an ectomorphand an endomorph.

How To Loose Belly Fat Naturally

These people are usually naturally fit andmuscular and they combine the two types. But alas, I am an endomorph for sure. Now how did I know that because endomorphsusually have medium to large bone structure more body fat than others. woman that are endomorphs are usually consideredcurvaceous, or full figured. as I was growing up, I did definitely realizethat I was more curvaceous than my other friends. So that kind of tipped me off to think thatI'm definitely an endomorph.

Now men are usually considered more stocky,or doughy, or like roundish. endomorphs usually have a thicker ribcage,shorter limbs, wider hips, and they usually carry excess weight on their bottom half suchas their abdomen, their butts and their thighs. Sounds like me. Perfect, right. It's definitely challenging for endomorphsto lose any weight. as an endomorph- If I tried to lean out, it'sdefinitely really hard for me and it takes a lot of hard work and self discipline.

Now we shouldn't let genetics take controlof our lives. Yeah, I might be an endomorph. But there's definitely things that you cando to kind of combat genetics. and your lifestyle choices are definitely the biggest thing thatcan make an impact on your life on your belly fat in particular, JLo Beyonce, and shakirathey're all endomorphs so they are definitely proof that you can still look really goodwith a lot of hard work, it's definitely possible to look good and still be healthy, have asnatched body as an endomorph. If you are an endomorph, you'll want to followthese tips a little bit more closely.

Loose Belly Fat In 30 Days

 If you're not an endomorph these will stillbe good tips to follow if you are an ectomorph mesomorph. so the first thingWe need to get out of the way is that you cannot spot reduce your belly fat so I knowthat the endomorphs are curvaceous and full figered so we might have a good chest a goodbutt and then you just want to like slim your belly fat and your waist and then just keepall the other stuff but unfortunately, as getting rid of your belly fat, you have tolose weight and fat all around your body. So you might end up losing some of your chestor some of your some people are very different and where theylose it, some people don't lose it at all. So you do just have to trial it out and seehow your body reacts to weight loss or fat loss.

The number one thing is to eat whole foodsand eat more cleanly. That is the biggest thing for me is to eatwhole foods and avoid processed junk food. That is also the hardest thing for me. But when I do change that I get results likeinstantly like no other. one thing that you can kind of just automaticallythink of is if is non perishable such as a pantry item liketasty cake cupcake cake batter mix like chips Ahoy cookies, things like that.

Those can stay in the pantry for years. I'm talking years. So you definitely know that something is notright there. It's definitely processed. That's like a really quick way that you cankind of realize, is this a whole food or is this something that has a lot of chemicalsin it and if it is really processed, it is non perishable, and that's something thatyou definitely want to stray away from and eat less of. So staying away from processed foods is onething, but also really incorporating proteins and fats into your diet.

The reason is because endomorphs are particularlysensitive to carbohydrates and insulin spikes. The way that you can kind of avoid this isby eating your carbohydrates in the morning. So some protein examples are meat such aschicken Chicken breast eggs, protein powder, yogurt,soy milk and then fats. Examples are salmon, avocado nuts, nut butterssuch as almond butter or even peanut butter is good too. So there are good carbohydrates- fruits andvegetables. green leafy vegetables are really good.

How To Burn Belly Fat

And the way that you go into a calorie deficitis by using a calculator which I can link in the description box below. And so this calculator calculates your totaldaily energy expenditure. This calculation combines your basal metabolicrate or your BMR plus physical activity.

And then it calculates your total daily energyexpenditure or tdee. the basal metabolic rate or the BMR is basically just your caloriesjust to exist. If you were to just sit there and just donothing for your whole life that would be how many calories you would need just to beable to sit there and exist.

So the TDEE will calculate based on your age,your height, your weight, your physical activity, and then it gives you your TDEE and so thisTDEE is basically what .

So if you did want to lose weight, you'lljust have to eat less calories, than your TDEE. people usually recommend about 500 caloriesless every day, however, that's a little bit too much for me, so I go like 100 or even200 calories less than my TDEE and then I'm pretty satisfied with that type of weightloss. It's a little bit slower. But it's definitely more sustainable. You can make it less intense if you’d likejust tailor it to your lifestyle.

Make Your Belly Slimmer In 2020

Another thing to mention is kind of countingwhat you eat and calorie counting, you can kind of see what is going on that is makingyou eat a lot. And so for me, I emotionally eat a lot. And it's usually because I'm bored or I'mstressed out. And so it's really good to kind of figureout what is the reason that you are putting food into your body?

Do you feel empty? Do you feel like you want to just fill yourbody with something because you feel emotionally empty? Or do you feel stressed out? really learning that reason will help youkind of control what your eating habits are like if you are really stressed out, you cantry to use stress coping mechanisms or you can try to journal because sometimes that’llreally help me out. I'm an emotional eater.

So if I'm really sad about something or anxiousabout something if I journal about it that really relieves my stress, it doesn't makeme reach for things that I would just put into my body trying to get over the emotion. instead, writing it out definitely helps me. so figuring out the reason is another goodstep. comment down below what are your tips to reduceyour belly fat. so we went over eating whole foods, we wentover eating in a calorie deficit, and then number three,

I wanted to say that fiber isking. Yes, so fiber is a thick gel like substancethat is in your stomach and it basically helps to block fat absorption and helps with weightmanagement. So as this thick gel in your stomach, thefiber blocks the fat that would otherwise be absorbed into your body.

It also prevents constipation. So definitely if you want to feel lighterand less bloated, then eating a lot more fiber is definitely something that you want to do. Personally, I feel really light and reallyrefreshed whenever I go to the bathroom. Sorry TMI, but it definitely helps with mystomach and how I feel.

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