Whether it’s a busy schedule, the the unforgiving humidity or just a bad hair day that causes you to neglect your tresses, we’ve rounded up 6 quick & easy tips hat are going to become your absolute go-to’s! Follow along to make sure you always put your best hair forward!

Go chemical-free with your hair shampoos and conditioners by switching them out for natural ingredients such as cocoa & coconuts! Take 2 tbsps of cocoa powder in a bowl and douse it in coconut milk to to create a silky smooth paste.

Apply it onto your scalp and through the lengths of your hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off and you’re going to be left with shiny, soft & well nourished waves! Before you step out of the house into the unforgiving humidity, make sure you prep your hair to battle the frizz! Take a dollop of your favorite serum onto the palm of your hand and spread it between your fingers before running your hands through the length of your hair.

This is going to prevent tangles and breakage and keep your hair soft & smooth all day! A girl-on-the-go’s best friend, especially on a greasy hair day can be an oil blotting sheet! Just like it helps mattify your face through the day, it can also help you keep your oily scalp at bay! Part your hair into sections and dab the blotting sheet onto your scalp and roots so it can soak up the oiliness and dirt and you’re good to go!

Best Easy Beauty Tips For Hair And Make Up

We’ve all dealt with our brushes getting clogged full of hair every time we get done with a thorough brushing and this tends to deposit he dirt from the hairbrush back onto our scalp! To avoid this, use a tail comb or even a pencil to pick out all the dead hair from the brush and then use a dash of shampoo on an old toothbrush to properly clean the bristles & the bed. Then, rinse it off in warm water to get rid of the cleanser.

Leave your brush facing downwards for an hour to pull out excess moisture and have your brush looking as good as new! Dry shampoo can be an absolute savior in these hot summer months but using it the wrong way can leave your hair looking grey & course! Spray a small amount of it onto your fingertips and pat the product into your roots to freshen them up! You can even spray some onto a brush and run it through your hair focusing the product on the crown and keep your tresses mattified! Instead of using heat tools to tame your mane on a bad hair day just opt for cute  easy hairstyles like this one!

Tie your hair into a low ponytail, to one side, divide the section above the hair tie and flip your pony inwards. Leaving a 3 finger space, once again tie the hair w an elastic, section it and flip the ponytail inwards. Repeat this process through the length of your hair for a chic and low-maintenance hairdo! With these live-saving hair tips, your hair will remain soft, smooth & frizz-free all year round! Until next time, stay tuned & stay Glamrs!

Best Fast And Easy Makeup Tips For Fast Beauty Effects

you may need to brush it in a circular motion just tocreate that airbrush look it's a little bit tiring and you need a lot ofpatience in doing this but i guarantee you it will give you a verybest effect ever next i'll be using fit me concealer inthe code of 40 called caramel .

i'll be applying under myeye just to hide that huge eye bag that i haveand also i'll be applying on my chin on top of my nose bridgeand also you have to create a triangular shape on your foreheadand you'll be using the same brush that you use for foundationjust to blend in the concealer with the foundationand you need to do it in a circular motion justto create that airbrush look i'll be using mini hoola from benefit as mysetting powder well actually i do have another setting powder .

but i'm too lazy to get it and somehow it kind of works as asetting powder Ugh my nose is itchy i'm going to fill in my eyebrows withfmgt designing eyebrow pencil in a coat of 02 gray brownthis is by far the best eyebrow pencil that i have ever usedi think you can buy it in face shop i thinki'm not sure but i'm going to link it down below if iever remember about this i'll be using nyx shadow palettein the color of usp06 called sugar high i'll be using a coral based color on myeyelid just to make sure i look a little bit fresher than usual because girl i look very tired and dull that looks okay next i'll be usinga darker color on my outer lid just to make sure my eyes look a little bitbigger not that i don't like my eyes but it's just you know fora brighter look i'm choosing a gold shimmerto put on top of my eyelid just put a tiny bit of it in the middleto make .

SImple Makeup And Hairstyle For Party

it look more natural i'll be using mini hoola from benefitagain for the contouring i'll be using iton my nose underneath my lips to create that puckered lips effectalso under my cheekbones and my jawlines and alsoon my hairline just to create that effect of having asmaller face than normal what's next i'll be using just wing itsmudge proof eyeliner by c-code for theeyeliner now it depends on what shape your eyes could bebut for me,

i would prefer to draw in a very thin line so that my eyes wouldlook a little bit bigger and brighter i kind of like this eyeliner thoughbecause the ink isn't that opaque it's kind of sheer that's whathelps my eyes look brighter now i'll be using this eyelash curlerthat i bought from daiso i had a hard time using this at first itdoes pinch your eyes when you first tried itbut for someone who has a very straight long eyelashesthis is the perfect tool for me to curl my eyelashes and make my eyes liveliernext i'll be using maybelline the falsies push up angel as my mascarayou may need to filter out the excess mascara to avoid the clumpy thingy onyour eyelashes.

 i do feel something missing this is the hassle part of my makeuproutine that sometimes i decided to give up the fake eyelashesi got the eyelashes from shopee too not sure which shop is it but just searchfor mink eyelashes if you are interested you need to make sure the glue is sortof dry a little bit before putting it on your eyelidit takes a very long time that sometimes i could even watch haikyuu moments whilewaiting it too dry but trust me it does make you looksdifferent it feels awkward and heavy at firstand make your eyes droopy too but,

beauty is painnext i'll be using silky girl matt fever lip color balm in the code of 04 called siren as my blusher for dry skin like me i had a hard timeusing powder blushes since it will make my cheek looks patchyand don't worry i'm not using this as a lipstickjust put three little dots on each side of your cheekbones and one dot on thetip of your nose and blend it in using just your fingersdo make sure your fingers are clean it's lipstick time i'm using c-codelipstick in the shade of macaron code 06 just apply a tiny bit onthe lips to make it a little bit sheer use your fingers to make it more naturalbut somehow i think the color is too bright for my skin so i'm going to coatit with l'oreal paris lip mate in the code116 called i adore to make it look more naturaland there you have it the final look.

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