if you want to have healthy looking skin the best thing that we can do for it isnot to buy expensive products and lotions, but to take really good care ofit from the inside out. And I'm happy to say that this video issponsored by my friends over at Native. More on them later. But for now, let'sbegin with my tips for clear and glowing skin. Our skin is our biggest organ and it gets affected by the things we put intoour body and onto our skin. So keeping our skin hydrated for a verylarge part comes from the inside out. When it comes to hydration, there aremany people who are sharing different quick fixes or wonder solutions to helpwith our complexion.

Maybe certain teas, or detoxing drinks, orcelery juices or vitamin supplements. But I'm sorry, I personally do notbelieve in any of these magical solutions. I think it comes downto what we are doing overall and how much liquids we aredrinking in a day.

Many of you probably don't know this, butI actually graduated as a dietitian. And during my studies we learned that wecan drink fluids in all kinds of different ways.Water, tea, fruit juice, soups. Even the fruit we eat. They all add up.But of course, it is healthier to stay away from sugary drinks.I had to teach myself basically to drink enough. Because I definitely wasn't.And once I started doing that, I did notice a huge impact on my skin. It ismuch less dry now much better hydrated. And I basicallydrink water all day, every day now. And I noticed all kinds of otherbenefits also that didn't have anything to do with myskin.

Top Way To Make You Skin Glowing

Not going to go into that in a video here. But let's just say that ithas been a game changer for me. Something as simple as drinking morewater. Now let's talk food. I think a lot of us know or most of usknow how important food is for a number of things, includingour skin. And just like with staying hydrated, I personally do not believethat there is any specific wonder solution for our skin.When it comes to nutrients.
 I think some are more important than others maybe,like vitamin c or zinc. But it is more about the overall balance.Now when it comes to a healthy diet there's really no one-size-fits-allsolution. I personally am vegan, and I did findthat cutting dairy specifically did have a really good impact on my skin.But you can eat a healthy diet in so many different ways.

So I try to eat a very diet, lots of fruits and veggies from different colors.Because different colored foods contain different nutrients. I also tryto eat lots of fiber. Lots of healthy fats and plant-basedprotein sources. I also learned about the importance ofomega-3 fatty acids for our skin. Because they help to preventinflammation and premature aging.

And since I'm vegan, I make sure to getthem through things like chia seeds flax seeds and walnuts. My diet certainlyis not perfect. And I will eat junk food every now and then, orcookies, or cakes or chocolate, all these things. And I always notice it on my skinwhen I have been eating more processed foods than usual. Or really fatty, oilyfoods. Or foods with a lot of added sugar in them.So they are not part of my everyday diet anymore.Now that I'm becoming a bit older, I'm 32... ...I am starting to notice just reallytiny wrinkles and changes in my skin.

Make Your Skin HealthyAnd Young

Especially around my eyes.But sometimes my friends will ask me like: Why do you not haveso many signs of aging in your face yet? And I think, I'm not a dermatologist, so Idon't know the specifics of it, but I think one reason is definitely that Idon't smoke.

Second reason is that I don't sunbatheand I always wear a sunblock, which is something we'll talk about more later.But I also think that one of the reasons is that ever since my early 20s, Isignificantly reduced the amount of added sugar in my diet.

This was when I started my studies for nutrition and I found out that sugar canactually cause more wrinkles by making the collagen in our skin lesselastic. So that was yet another reason for me tocut things like cookies and candies and ice cream frommy regular diet. Because I used to eat them a lot back then.And now I save them for the occasional treat.

And even then, I prefer to makethem myself so I know exactly what goes into them.Before we continue, a quick break for today's sponsor: Native. I'm really happyto be partnering up with them again, so big thanks to Nativefor supporting the channel. I've completely switched over to naturaldeodorants a few years ago. And I have been using Native deodorantsfor about six, seven months now. And honestly, I don't want to go back.

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Easy Ways To Make You Skin Healthy And Glowing

And right now, I'm really into the cactus flower poppy. Because Ifeel like it is such a fresh flowery scent. And it kind of reminds meof the smell of fresh, clean laundry. Which is one of thebest smells in the world. I also find that they are not sticky,they dry quickly.

And they are free from aluminum, parabens and sulfate.And they use recognizable ingredients, like coconut oil and shea butter.And of course, they are vegan and cruelty free, which is always something I lookfor in a deodorant. So if you'd like to try for yourself youcan save 33 % on your first native pack, plus freeshipping, if you use this code displayed right here.

And the link is inthe description. When I don't sleep enough, it immediately shows on my skin.And I feel like my complexion gets a little bit more dull.And I just look tired. So if I want my skin to have that healthy glow, thenumber one thing, for me anyway is sleep.

When we sleep, our skin canstart to repair itself from the damages and the sun exposure of the day. It also rebuilds the collagen in our skin, which is very important.And it can also help to lower the stress hormones in our blood levels that canalso be harmful for the skin. More on that later. So it is just veryimportant. I started making sleep more of a priority in my life also in my early20s. Not so much for my skin necessarily, butmore for just my overall physical and mental health.And I am just the type of person who needs a lot of sleep. And if Idon't make sure to get it, I will pay the price for it in one way or another.

So Ialways try to go to bed on time and get my eight hours.Another thing that can have a big impact on our skin is stress.And just like with a lack of sleep, I find that if I'm really stressed,my complexion can get a little dull. And kind of grayish looking.But actually with stress, I can get breakouts. And I can get irritations,especially around the area of my nose and mouth. Because this area tends to geta little oily.

This Tips Are The Best Ways For A Glowing Skin

Now, stress is a little bit of a trickysubject I always find. Because most of us experience stress. Sometimes little bits,sometimes we experience more. And it is not so easilycontrollable. We cannot just toggle the switchoff and be done with it and not be stressed anymore. Especiallyif it is being caused by outside circumstances. But I do find that thereare things that we can do to manage our stress better. And also to justreduce the overall stress levels of our daily life.And I actually have a video dedicated to this topic, so I will leave a link tothat video in the description box below. For anyone who's interested in reducingstress in their life.

I remember a few years ago, I metthis woman, and she was a dermatologist. And basically from the second she lookedat me, she came to me and she asked me Are you wearing sunscreen? Are youprotecting your skin from the sun? And it was kind of funny, because we justmet. But she was right. And it is very important to wearsunblock and protect our skin. Not just if you have a fair complexionlike me, but for everyone. I think most of us know the importanceof sunscreen and the fact that sun damage can age our skin, and even causeserious health problems if we're not protecting our skin well.But I also think that a lot of people don't really take it that seriously.

And probably that's because it takes a long time, it takes years and years, forsun damage to show on our skin. And even for me, I onlystarted doing it regularly applying sunscreen, in my later 20s.Before that, I was still trying to make my skin look moretan. Especially in the summer. And if I wear sunscreen, that's justnot something that's going to happen. Actually it's not really going to happenif I don't wear sunscreen either. Because it's just not something that myskin does.

But for example, I would go to play tennis and not wearsunscreen on purpose. Very bad habit, and now that I've accepted the fact that myskin just does not get a pretty tan I make sure to protect it well and usesunscreen. And I also try to stay out of the sun when it is really strong,so I will stay in the shade as much as possible.And I also just do not go tanning or use a tanning bed and things like that.This is something that I used to skip so often.

AndI am very much a morning person. So I wake up early. And then by the time I goto bed, I am usually one blink away from falling asleepstanding up. So when I was younger, and I would go tobed really tired... I would just not take off my makeup.

Andthen the next morning, I would wake up. And there would be like mascara on mychin. And I would just do a quick touch-up andthen wear yesterday's makeup. So it is not something that I'm proud of,but I did do it. And sometimes I did it like three, fourdays in a row. Until I got really irritated skin around my eyes. And Icould no longer deny that that was because I wasn't cleaning my face.

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