start with a little activation so with a side plank. From plank position, we lean forward so as we have a little more weight on the anterior deltoid and on biceps, and after two/three seconds of planche lean,

we move to pike position by possibly lifting feet off the ground. When you do it in reps and more sets, it is devastating. Yesterday I did 10-12 reps per set. I felt it a lot The anterior deltoid is definitely destroyed.

 It is so damn hot today. For those who want to try this exercise, I recommend to start with the classic plank exercise and then, by little steps, move to the assisted pike position. I'm showing you: from plank, little step, little step, little step, I put as much weight as possible on the shoulders and then I go back down.

Little step, little step, little step. Spectacular for the shoulders. Now second and third series. For today this exercise is ok. Completely destroyed Let's show the legs Don't tell me that I don't train the legs actually it's true because I have not trained them since last month. But in general I keep them active. Guys today I'm doing this workout just for you because I'm definitely exhausted.

Follow These Steps Carefully

Yesterday I did this beautiful session, which I have not done for a long time because I have been on holiday, a lot of time as well, and so yesterday I went two or three hours. I have fun a lot, I felt it a lot so today I decided to show it because I truly care that you try certain exercises. As I have showed you, there are also easier solutions so even those who are a little less experienced can do it, assisted, starting from plank. It's time to do a little isometry workout so I will train handstand isometries alternating hands on parallels and on the ground.

In my opinion the final goal is to get to a time that really tires the shoulders, so sets from 10", sets of 15", sets of 20 sec. For those who are not used to working handstand or have never done it, first make sure you have the energy and strength you need, but above all you can train it assisted using a wall. So no excuses. It is important that you keep your arms locked out and that you control the movement.

Don't go apnea, breathe and remember to hold the position. So I want to know how big I am today from 1 to 10, so leave your vote in the comments. I know the legs lower the vote a little. I am aware of that. It is not easy to train the basics well, to train the body so that it is aesthetic, advanced skills, isometries, cardio.

Train a lot of things and at the same time try to always keep the social channels active, like Instagram, where you can find exclusive photos, exclusive videos, if you need some motivation. I post them for that, only for you because I noticed that it is generally appreciated and so I try to be as constant as possible but it is not easy, above all, to always make photos, videos on Youtube, Instagram, do workouts, trying to eat clean, trying to rest, doing my scheduled workouts, the extra workouts, the extra sessions for the videos, a lot of things. Let me know what is your opinion by leaving a comment.

Read This Guide On Shoulder Workout 2020 All

Give me a little support guys, comment, share, leave a like. Especially subscribe to my channel, because the most of the people who see the videos are not subscribed to the channel. It's very easy for you, just click on the sign up button. It takes you three seconds. However it is a great support for me. If you need tutorials or even just 15 minutes of entertainment to see my vlogs etc, when you have free time. I trust in you.

I'm training today just for you because I did it yesterday. today I only decided to show it to you, because I think this workout is truly awesome. If you are not able to do certain exercises that are too difficult for you because you are not used to bodyweight training, I remind you that you can visit my website where you can find my training programs. There are all the fundamental exercises to improve the bases like push ups, pull ups, dips etc. so have a look. I’m tired, I want to change something. Should I start doing some workouts with dumbbells?

So, this is the killer workout of the day. Rest between each set is 1’ or 1.30’ for the most advanced athletes. If it’s too difficult, you can rest 2’. If you do this routine 2 per week, the shoulders will be killed. It’s time to go home and rest. If you enjoyed the video please press the “Like” button and share it with your friends. Also let me know with a comment below if you want more videos like this one. If you want some vlogs, tutorial or something similar. I do always try to read the comments when I have some free time. Try this routine and then let me know your opinion.

If you need to improve your basic bodyweight strength, just go visit You will find my programs. See you soon!

How To Cure Your Back Pain Tips

how to really utilize nosebreathing to maximize both your workout and your recovery to hopefully evenrecover quicker. Now, for this time, I want to discuss the differences betweenhigh chest and then diaphragmatic breathing.

With seated athletes, it canbe really difficult, depending on the level of your injury, to engage yourdiaphragm if you don't have that function at that level. However, a lot,with a lot of our athletes with wheelchair rugby, I really talk aboutbreathing down. That will not only help you ground yourself into your chair.

Step number one

Butif you're standing or ambulatory athlete into your weight equipment, into theground, into your feet. It helps lower your center just a little bit when youreally think about breathing down and out. So if you think about filling upthe bottom first, rather than the top first. So bottom uprather than top down.

The other thing is when you get into maximal work, we tendto get into that emergency breath, which I touched on the last video. (short breathing) And it's all chest breath. And thenoften you feel like you're not getting any oxygen or any air at all. And that'sbecause it's not really going anywhere. There isn't much gas exchangehappening up here. It's an emergency to get in that air, kind of like a fish outof water.

Step number two

So the next time you get into that emergency breath, I want you tothink about trying to take a couple of nose breaths, even if you can't stay there,and think about breathing down and out. Even if you can't access your diaphragm.Trying to get a little bit of a deeper breath that you can control will notonly help you maximize your workout, it'll help you get more oxygen so thatyou can perform that next rep or the next 10 reps. The next 10 meters, thenext hundred meters.

And then if you are mouth breathing throughout your workoutand that maximal exercise, try just a little bit to go in with your nose, outwith your mouth as soon as your recovery kicks in.

Step number three

And even time yourself to seehow fast you can get back to solely nose breathing. And you'll find the more thatyou work at this, the better you'll get, the faster your recovery will be and themore output you'll be able to give in your workout itself. I'd love to see howit goes. please reach out to me: @coachsharonmoskowitz on Instagram, and let's hear it. Talk to you soon.

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