It's pretty. Who would be mad at that?I love that.Watch me do my takeon a Hollywood glamour look. I always like to start outwith a toner. I have sensitive skin, so I don't like to use thingsthat are too harsh. The next thing I like to do is use a little serum.

See? You can barely see it. This one really brightens.It's really good. I use this before bed too, so I'm not going to go crazyright now. My makeup artist will tell you, every day, before I BEAUTY TIPS HOW TO PUT ON EYELINER PERFECTLY
 It's pretty. Who would be mad at that?I love that.Watch me do my takeon a Hollywood glamour look. I always like to start outwith a toner. I have sensitive skin, so I don't like to use thingsthat are too harsh.

A little indulgent thingI like to do at work, particularly when I haven't slept,which I never, ever sleep, I didn't even sleep last night, is use these little guysthat go under your eye. I love showing up at a rehearsalwith these guys. I'm going to put a little bitof this eye shadow primer on. And I use my hands, by the way.I do have brushes, of course, but I love to use my hands. She's ready for shadow. Nice and light. A clean base.

How To Put Eyeliner Perfectly Tips and Tutorials

We are going to go in with,like, a medium-y brown. Don't worry if it gets everywhere. This next colour,a little darker. But still peachy. Still in the family. I kind of look likea superhero right now. But like a superherowith no powers. I'm going to usethis little flat brush.

So pink! And I'm going to usea darker colour. Following the crease.It may look a little heavybut we're toning it all down. And then we cango in and fine-tune.

We're doing a bit of a, sort of, a Sixties eye. All of my eyes have linerand that is my main thing. Are we terrified yet? Cos I am. I like to come out a little bit. I don't like to startright on my eye. And then... I go right up to how I want it. Look at that clean line. Pretty good. You want it to grow. I always was obsessed withAngelina Jolie's cat eye, so I always kind ofused that as a template. Off they come. Oh, but my eyes feel so good. Work! I like to figure outwhat I'm doing at the end and then startin the centre of my eye and let it grow from there. OK. I wanted to havea crazy look today. This is kind of my everyday look and this is alwaysour starting point at work for Fallon.

Guide To Put Perfect Eyeliner

She always has winged eyeliner. I always do it myself. I also do my brows myselfand my lipliner myself. Just a little brown pencil. We're just going to go in. It just really takesthe sharp lines away. And I'm going tomeet it under here. OK, now we really havea good little eye forming. Now, I'm going to goback into the eyeshadow. It's going to look like that. And we're going to blend it in with the corner of the eyewith the eyeliner. Oh hi. We stan a blended eye.

I take my finger,go back to the lightest colour, pop the eye. So now we're just puttinga little bit of light eyeshadow in the centre of the eye to pop the eye open. So it's going to looka little crazy, but we're going to go in. You know when you're at this point, And your boyfriend walks inand he's like: "Oh. You wear a mask every day.That's good to know." I took a little bitof the cream foundation and now we're going toblend her in. Kind of like moisturiser. Sensitive area.

Easy Ways To Put Your Eyeliner Perfectly

A little history about meand my eyebrows. I had thick eyebrows and thenI saw and I saw Megan Fox's eyebrows. So, I made my eyebrowsthe thinnest they could possibly go and guess what?It didn't look like Megan Fox. My eyebrows are naturally so dark. I use this guy to kind of just bring them up a little bit. Make sure it's even! I remember whenI was on Broadway with Ariana.We shared a dressing room and they came in one dayand they were like:

"Hey, we don't haveanybody to do your makeup." And I remember the both of uslearning how to do smoky eyes and, you know, buying all the brushesand everything and we just kind of fell in love with it, so we'rekind of two old drag queens. A little brightener.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. This is cream contour.I take the darker guy and I go right here. Super subtle.It blends right out. Nothing to be afraid of. I put it on the brim of my nose.  My eye will certainlynot be shiny now. What I do next is I go inwith a little powder bronzer. Really blend it.It's so important.

I know not everyone hasthe same face shape as me where I like to apply it arekind of the classic areas. A little bit of blush. Not too much. So peachy! So cute. There's one more thingfor my face that I like to use. Sometimes I aim a little lowerin this region for my cheeks. Sparkly, sparkly.

Just becausewe're being extra today. Oh yeah, that opens up the eye. This is a little bit datedbut I kind of like it. Under the brow. Lashes can kind of be a pain. A lot of people do itwith their hands. I like to use a tweezer. Now, this can bea very dangerous game. I like to pinch them after,once it's a little bit dry. And I'm going to addone more guy. One more at the end. Oh yeah! They have to set for a second. And now... I'll do my lips.


Even if you'regoing to wear a lipstick, it helps it blend. Is it not the perfect colour? OK. Just do a little bit of mascara. See that clump? We hate you,we hate you, we hate you. Go away, go away, go away! Go away! OK, I'll take it. She's pretty sharp. Yeah, I'm not mad at it. This is my favourite type of look. Warm peaches,a little bit retro, a little bit Hollywood. I love it. Yeah, I feel good.

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