Did you know that the average office worker sits about 10 to 15 hours every day - that's a lot of sitting! And the problem with so much sitting is it raises your risk of certain diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and many others. I'm going to put a link inthe description so you can read more. Now you might be wondering - well Iexercise - does that mean I can still get away with sitting so much?

Change You Life Physically And Mentally Both By This 8 Step Guide

Well,definitely exercise helps, but if you're sitting for really long periods of time,you still need to move, it's still important to move. So what can you do? I work from home and I used to wear house slippers at home,and I've noticed that when I wear house slippers, I'm just too comfortableand I don't really walk around. So now I've started to put on walking shoesfirst thing in the morning, and I wear themthroughout the day at home. They are a special pair just to wear at home sothey're clean, and I've noticed that I walk arounda lot more, I take a lot more movement breaks. Because I'm taking these movement breaks I feel less stiff. I have a lot more energy and I'm walkinga lot more, which is really good for my health. Now if you don't work from home, there are always different ways in which youcan get a little bit more movement throughout the day. I have a few ideas in the description.

Step Number one:

is to do a brain dumpbefore bed. This is for people like me who have ahard time sleeping. I don't fall asleep immediately, I'm notlike my husband, he falls asleep within 10 minutes - I do not. I tend to overthink and because I'm thinking so much, it takes a while tosleep. So what I've started to do now is I do alittle brain dump before bed. I jot down everything that's on my mind - all sortsof to-do lists. I do this in the evening when I have some tea, and I find that the action of just writing down what's going on in my brainmakes it so much easier to sleep. I'm able to sleep faster, and more peacefully, and the days I don't do this, I really do struggle with getting to sleep quickly. So if you're someone who has a hard time sleeping and you think too much, try thisout and see if it works for you.

Step Number Two:

write a simplified,prioritized to-do list every morning or evening. I tend to dothis in the evening because I find that it works best for me. Now I am the type of person who needs to have a to-do list - If I don't have a to-do list I don't get anything done because I have nodirection for my day. Now in the past, I used to write a verylong to-do list with lots of things - 10 to 15 items - they werenot prioritized. So two problems with that - I gotoverwhelmed and I ended up doing all of the low priority items and I wasn'tgetting anything important done. It just felt good to take off those lowpriority items. Not the best way to handle a to-do list.Now I do things a little bit differently. So I write down a list of three items - just three. So it's really simple - three high priority item and I write them down in order of priority. That way I know exactly what I need to do what'simportant and I just focus on those three things. Once those three things are done then I will make another list of three things.By doing things this way I find that I'm less overwhelmed and I'm actuallygetting important things done.

Step Number Three:

is to embrace yourcreativity more regularly - this could be monthly, weekly, daily - whatever works foryou, and whatever creative activity works foryou. When you look at kids, they are always doing something creativeand they get so much joy and happiness from it. But as adults, wedon't do that. But I do think that there's a lot of value in doing something creative more often. It definitely has helped mereduce my stress and it just helps bring a lot of joy into my life.

This year I started embracing my creativity a lot more often. I starteddoing watercolor painting in April, and then I started doing some Skillshareclasses, and I quickly learned about digital art. I didn't even know itexisted. I started doing that and I've had a lot of fun, and that's why I wasactually really excited when Skillshare contacted me for today's video, today's sponsorship. If you don't know what Skillshare is - Skillshare is an online community with thousands of classes for creative andcurious people. It's a really great place to explore new skills and deepen any ofyour existing passions. And what i really love about Skillshareis there's so many different classes, a variety of different topics.

I'mpersonally really interested in fine art and illustration - that's where myinterests lie. They also have classes on productivity, lifestyle, film, and video. Two of the classes that I really enjoyed from this year - one was Modern Watercolor Techniques, by Cat Coquillette, and I learned a lot about different waysof looking at watercolor. She has a very modern take on watercolors.The other class I really enjoyed was Learn to use Procreate, byJarom Vogel. It opened up my world to a different way of looking at art. I'dnever done digital art before and this class really helped merealize how fun it can be. Skillshare is an affordable option -

if you're lookingfor classes for less than ten dollars a month, you get an annual premium membership, and that gives you access to thousands of classes.I loved it so much after my free trial in April, I ended up getting the premium membership, and I use it quiteregularly. The first thousand of my subscribers to click on the link in thedescription will get a free two-month trial to the premiummembership, so you can explore your creativity.

Step Number Four:

is to tidy up your desk after the work day is over. Now I used to tidy up my desk probably once in a week, once in twoweeks, sometimes even once a month, and the problem was the clutter juststarted to accumulate.

I find that when I tackle my desk spaceevery day, it does not take long - it takes less thanfive minutes and the clutter does not accumulate. There are two benefits of doing this - one is when I walk into my office in themorning I find that it looks very very nice, and I'mactually excited to sit there and get some work done. Before it felt a little overwhelming.

There's too much stuff everywhere -not entirely ideal, but now it feels a lot better. And the second thing that I find is really helpful is by tidying upmy desk at the end of the day, I'm signaling to my brain my work day is over -now it's time to have some downtime. If you work from home it's really, really difficult to have that segregationbetween work and home, and it just becomes a blur. So Ithink the simple habit of just tidying up my desk space at the end ofthe day tells me the work day is over - now it's time to justrelax.

Step Number Five:

is to make a dish each week or each month that you've never made before. When itcomes to cooking, I'm the type of person who gets into a rut really quickly because I start to make the same kinds of things every weekwith similar ingredients.

Two problems with this - one, it's boring because I end up eating the same kinds of foods each week,the nutrient variety isn't that much. It's actually a good idea to trydifferent things, so a simple habit that I've started isto try to make new dishes more regularly, and by doingso, a) I am not as bored with the food that I'm eating, and b) I am actually able to have a lot more nutrients and nutrient variety in mydiet.

Step Number Six:

is to stay hydrated, notjust by drinking water, but also by eating your water intake too. Now almost every YouTuber will tell you to drink more water - that it's reallyimportant to stay hydrated, and it really is. I find the days that I drink more water I feel a lot more energetic, and my digestive system is a lot happier. Now the thing with water intake - youdon't just have to drink it in the form of fluids, you can also up your water intake through the foods you eat.

So what can you do? You could have more soups, more smoothies, more fruits and veggies that are reallyhigh in water - things like cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, oranges - the list goes on. I'm going toput another list in the description so you have a list ofreally hydrating fruits and veggies.

Now the advantage of having waterthrough your food is that you actually absorb it a littlebit better. Because there are minerals in the food,there's also fiber in the food that helps you retain that water a little bitbetter.

Step Number Seven:

is to read books that help you gain a different perspective or mindset. When it comes to perspectives andmindsets I think a lot of my perspectives and mindsets have comefrom interacting with other people from my life experiences, but also from reading.

Whenever I read a book, even if it's on a topic that Ialready know about, something that I'm already knowledgeable in, I will always gain a little bit of a different perspective whenever I read that book, and I think the beauty of reading lots of booksis that it starts to open up your mind in different ways that Ipersonally have not found articles on the internet has been able to do.

So I do think that there's a lot of value in reading, but trying to read books that are a little bit different from what you wouldnormally read. I think that is what has helped mechange my perspectives and mindsets the most. I'm going to put a link to the books that I really enjoyed from last yearin the description.

Step Number Eight:

is to practice gratitude daily with an attitude of gratitude! Now I'm not going to talk about dailygratitude lists. I have personally tried them and theydidn't work for me. I know that they work really well for some people, just didn't work for me. I do like doing gratitude lists once a month or once aquarter, but it's not something that I could keepup with every day, so I do gratitude daily in a slightly differentway -

with an attitude of gratitude in the presentmoment. So let me give you an example - let's say I'm spending time with my cat, Kendi, and I'm giving him some cuddles, and I'm really enjoying this moment. Iwill think to myself - I'm really grateful that I have this beautiful kitty in my life. It's just a very simple thing, just in the moment, I'm practicing gratitude. It's little things like this throughout the day which help me stay gratefulor carry that attitude of gratitude throughout the day.

I personally find that a lot more effective for me rather than writing a list every day, so this is something that I've started todo this year and I think it's really been helpful. I'm not naturally the most positive person, I have a very pessimistic nature, but I do think having that attitude of gratitude has brought a lot ofpositivity into my life even though this year hasbeen pretty bad. It just has made such a bigdifference to have that attitude of gratitude.

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