Have you ever wondered why some peoplefind quitting easy while others find it hard? whysome people find quitting easy no matter how they quitand why others find it hard no matter how much they tryand no, it has nothing to do with how much willpower you havehow long you've been smoking or how much you smoke it's something else so keep on watching.


i'm sure you've heard stories of people who found quittingso easy and maybe from people who found quitting hard in the past but then in one quit attempt they found it very easyand you're thinking to yourself when you hear these stories likehow? Are they for real? And then we start rationalizingoh maybe they're not like me or they don't smoke as much as I smoke or theydon't enjoy it as much or they don't have the same problems as meor maybe you've heard stories of people who found quitting so hardthat they cried lashed out and felt so deprived. 

However there are millions of people whorelapse and crave cigarettes even after the nicotine withdrawal isover. So what happy non-smokers have incommon is that overcame their mental addiction.The mental addiction is how much you believe you need smokinghow it makes you feel and how ingrained it is in your lifeit is the problem and the solution so what happy non-smokers did is thatthey broke up with their cigarettes theyrealized that they're better off without addiction and they don't want to belimited by their addiction anymore yes they have hard moments but they knowthat one cigarette equals a thousand and it's just not worth it for thembecause being addicted is not a good place to be.


So let me show you three ways to know when you're mentally free from smoking and you're gonna find quitting easy. And if you notice you're not doing the things i will mention just use them as a guideline so you willdo things differently and find quitting easy and overcome themental addiction.


So the first thing is how you handle your craving voice.If you're addicted to anything you have a craving voice all of us have itand this craving voice this craving mind think about it like a miserable and needy creature that all it wants is its precious nicotine. And the craving mind communicates to you in the form of a thought it's gonna tell youanything to get you to smoke because that's what cravings are.

Cravings arejust positive thoughts about smoking that create positive feelings aboutsmoking the desire for cigarettes thoughts like i need a cigarette rightnow or a cigarette would make me feel better orjust one puff won't matter all those things are craving thoughtsand everyone has them but when you're mentally free fromsmoking you're able to handle those thoughts and there are manyways to do that you can ignore those thoughtsas if someone is talking to you and you don't want to hear from them likewhen the craving mind tells you you need a cigarette right nowjust ignore it say okay i heard you bye.

You can do that. You can also challenge those thoughts like when the craving mindtells you i need a cigarette right now challengethis think to yourself do i really need it?You can also let the thoughts pass mindfullyand you can replace them there are many ways to handle themif you want to know how to overcome the mental cravings i have a video where iexplain exactly how to do that,

so make sure you check it out in the resources what you definitely don't do when itcomes to your mental cravings is act upon them you don't act upon thosethoughts you don't believe them you just recognize that there is acraving mind talking and this gives you the power and thechoice to not act upon this thought and that's what it feels like to findquitting easy and you know none of the common methods out there teaches you.

how to be mentally free from smoking noone teaches you how to handle your craving voiceso if you use nicotine replacement or vaping or pills without working on yourmental dependence you will find quitting hard if you gocold turkey if you quit gradually if you take herbs and natural remediesand you don't work on your mental dependence you will find quitting hardif you do hypnosis without consciously working on your mental dependenceyou will find it hard but if you first set your mind free from smoking you willfind quitting easy and when you're no longer mentallydependent on smoking you have no anxiety no irritation or deprivation and,

you'renot jealous of other people smoking because when cigarettes are out of thequestion for you the nicotine withdrawal symptoms won'teven bother you because the mind is free and the mind affects the body and youknow the withdrawal is not worse than a common coldso if you're worried about the withdrawal which is a very very commonworry i used to have it too i have a video where i explain whywithdrawal is actually good for you so if you're worried make sure you watchthat video it's gonna help you a lot okay so the,


second way to know you'rementally free from smoking has to do with how you think aboutsmoking there is this misconception that beingmentally free from smoking having no desire for cigarettes means that younever think about smoking and this is not the case the truth isthat you actually think about smoking moreright after you quit .

so here's what's important:Thinking is not wanting.  to you you're going to have a nervousbreakdown you're going to feel stressed you're gonna not be ,patientsomething bad will happen but when you're mentally free fromsmoking and you find quitting easy you see smoking as something that youused to do and you choose to not do it anymoreand you have better ways to cope and you see cravings as justthoughts as a memory without the compulsion to act upon this thoughtlet me tell you a story about the power of perception and the power of ourmindset in 1971 during the Vietnam war .

20%of the US soldiers were addicted to heroinso the government created an organization calledspecial action office of preventionto track those soldiers when they returned to the US and help them.And ,

90% of heroin addicts stopped basically overnightno withdrawals or anything nothing they were fine because when they came home they changed their environment their reasons for using were gone they changed how they saw their addictionthey changed their context they changed their frame of mind they changed theirroutine so this is an incredible success rate

90%especially for heroin one of the worst addictions so what i want you to takeaway ,


the thirdway to know you're mentally free is that you're not using willpower. Nowwhen i tell you that you usually tell me but what's the difference really betweenusing willpower and mind power between willpower andovercoming the mental addiction? Like how do i know i'm not usingwillpower?

And this is a great question so listen when you're using willpoweryou want to smoke you see a benefit in smokingbut you have to stop yourself you have to deny yourself the cigarette youdesire but when you're mentally free fromsmoking you simply say i don't do this anymore you talkyourself out of it and this is the key here to talkyourself out of it you don't have to resist your cravingsyou simply have to remind yourself why you don't want to smoke and you seethe craving thoughts as separate from yourself it's theaddiction that wants you to smoke not you. You don't want it the addiction wants you to. Because think about it. Do you need any willpower to resist eating rat poison ammoniaor acetone?

Of course not why because they're harmful anddisgusting chemicals well tobacco has inside arsenic that'sused in rat it has ammonia that's used in toilet cleaners and it has acetone that we use to remove nail polish and the only reason why you want to smoke is notto taste those chemicals of course not the only reason why you want to smoke is because of the beliefs that it offers you something and that's the mental addiction.

now if you want toknow what's inside your cigarettes and where else you can find the sameingredients check the links the below this videoi have a video just for that because what's important is that whenyou see smoking for the  it is a sum of chemicals you don't want itanymore so you don't need to use willpower toresist it because there's nothing to resist.

So to sum up why some people find quitting easy while others hardis because those who find it easy overcome their mental addictionand you know you're done with the mental addiction number one from the way you handle your craving voice two because of how you think about smoking and three you're not using willpower instead you talk yourselfout of smoking so i hope this was helpful to you i hope it showed you away to move forward.


Thank you for reading like i mentionedbbefore we interviewed thousands  people who quit happily and successfully did right and we put in a method that everyone can use to quitand that method is the CBQ method it has helpedthousands of smokers all over the world it's the same method i talk about in myted talk and it helps you overcome the mentaladdiction and find quitting easy because you take control of your mindand i want to show you how you can apply the CBQ method to your own life and find quitting easy so if you want to know how to get started with the CBQ why it works

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