the very first thing is finding a really good primer a primer is something that you put on your skin first after moisturizer and before foundation that is going to fill in all of the little ice pick scarring or the holes on your face and it's gonna smooth everything out it's gonna create a little I guess a barrier but also like a light film on your face that is going to like smooth out any texture wrinkles, holes, bumps whatever it is that you have your skin is going to immediately appear a lot more finer so the primer it should be silicon based because silicon helps to smooth out the skin it also helps to allow foundation stay on longer it's gonna fill in all the pores and then once you put the foundation on you should always use a sponge because the sponge is going to lightly pat the foundation and spread it without actually brushing it especially

if you have dry skin and you brushing foundation on your face you'll be brushing the dead skin cells or the flaky skin all over your face and that's not going to look pretty so you need to use a sponge and just like dampen it and just pat it on your skin to make sure all the skin cells or all the skin is going to sit flat on your face and not sticking out with the foundation I suggest only using one thin layer because usually people think that the more you put on the more is gonna conceal but actually it's gonna make your skin texture look more heavy and cake so just go with a very light foundation.


number one is exfoliation it doesn't matter if you have dry skin oily skin combination skin everyone needs to exfoliate so when it comes to improving skin texture just a normal regular scrub isn't going to be enough there are actually two different types of exfoliation that you could use there is the chemical and there's also the physical now chemical ones are one that contains AHAs or BHAs, glycol anything with

abrasive or active ingredients that's going to eat away at all the dead skin cells and just like you plat onto your skin and you just leave it there so that's the one type of scrub that you should be using at least two or three times a week if not every night I used to use it every night when I'm actually having breakouts because I feel like I need to remove that excess sebum now there's also the physical type of scrubs which scrubs that have granules that you can feel the grittiness of it so ones that contains like sea salt or sugar scrubs or any types of micro beads that will actually help you physically remove the dead skin cells so you're scrubbing your face and you feel it they're also more natural so it's not a chemical it's a little bit more gentle but sometimes

 it can also be a little bit more harsh because you don't know how the granules are sized so sometimes they could be quite sharp sometimes they can be quite mild I personally use both types of scrubs so I use a physical one normally like two or three times a week and then I'll also use the chemical ones also 2-3 times a week because I want to make sure that I want to smooth out my skin but also remove the dead skin cells pretty much every day of your life your skin is falling off your face and some of them gets attached and you need to kind of physically remove it because if you don't,

it just stays there and it clogs the pores and whatever skins underneath is not coming out so therefore you need to like actually physically remove that otherwise that's how you get congested skin and that's how you get acne


number two treatments now treatment is the one that you'll see the most results and there are actually different types of treatments you can get there are ones that's been more passive where you can use like products to treat your skin whether it's using a stronger version of the AHAs or the BHAs a lot of times you might get like a glycolic serum or even like a retinol things that will actually also remove layers of the skin and pushing or accelerating the 28 days skin renewal system because trying to push it and make your skin renew faster so I normally like to just use a retinol every once a week if not twice a week but when you wear retinols you have to wear a sunscreen during the day otherwise you're just damaging your skin all together then there is the aggressive type where

I guess more active type where you actually go to a salon and get lasers or get skin needling where actually basically removes layers of your skin that you normally couldn't do with products and of course if your skin needs it and you need to have something a bit more excessive then you should go for it but I always suggest to try the safest and most you know natural option first and if that doesn't work then we can always go to the professional and more intense versions you want to get a chance I like to go to the salon and get a micro dermabrasion and that this removes excess lay of the skin and I notice in the areas where you have ice pick scarring when you go get a treatment it you can visibly see how it flattens out

the scarring and how your skin just looks brighter if you have sensitive skin those things are going to make you feel raw and tender and maybe it's not for you so you need to find the most safest and most I guess natural option that you can find but those are definitely treatments that where you will see the most results


number three is moisturize this is so so important especially when it comes to skin texture if you have oily skin if you had acne you're using a ton of products that's drying out your skin so you need to put moisture back into your skin our body is made up of 70% of water so if you stripping all of the nutrients and the water away then you need to put it all back otherwise your body doesn't function properly it doesn't like detox as well it doesn't provide oxygen to your body as well lucky for you I have done two videos about what types of serums and moisturizers that you should be using for your skin types if you haven't already watched that pause this video,

go find out what you need to look for in a moisturizer in a serum and then come back it's okay I'll wait for you you can hit the pause but on right now I'll wait. Okay so now that you're back you know exactly what you need to be looking for you know exactly what you should be buying first thing first hyaluronic acid is definitely


number four because that's the actual acid that's in our skin naturally so you're just putting back into our skin look for that in a serum and look for that in a moisturizer hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and of course this goes without saying you have to drink water as well because not only are you putting it topically you also need to rehydrate yourself from within I feel like I say this all the time and like a lot of my videos and if you guys are not listening to this what are you doing?! you have to drink water! once your skin's removed of all of those strip back up from all those treatments and scrub it's like crying for nutrients so that's where you can start using products that help to plump the skin,

fill in the holes or flatten out the scarring or bring back collagen or density into the skin so you can moisturize you can hydrate you can lift you can firm that's where I put most of my treatment products so I'll be like okay my skin needs collagen my skin needs vitamin C my skin needs vitamin A just pop it all on and your skin will drink it up and if you don't exfoliate if you don't treat your skin is not going to absorb the moisturizer either so it's kind of like a full circle you need to do every single step without step one,

step three doesn't work without step three, step one is a waste of time without step two you won't get the results in step four so it like everything needs to all work together together together together together last but not least is step four and which is conceal now this is the last step because I feel like this is just a temporary fix make up, okay is a very temporary but effective fix but it's not going to give you the permanent results so the skin care is where you're going to fix the actual problem makeup is going to help and assist and boost that result if you want to improve the texture of the skin with makeup,

I know you're still going to see spots but that's what concealer is for so you go back in with a concealer and then you just spot conceal any areas that you feel like you need to now once you've done that um the last step is using a HD micronized powder now this one is going to not only set everything so all that hard work that you just put into like smoothing out your complexion it's also going to give you that really beautiful HD look which is like flawless it's to make it look smooth it's gonna make you look like a baby's but you know and then with that one you also need to apply it with the powder puff so not a brush because brush sometimes you can actually flick away or lift up you know any

hairs on the skin if you have like baby hairs on your skin especially like a peach fuzz then the brush is gonna get caught on so you just make sure you pat it on with the powder puff and you're just going to get that really flawless look I know that a lot of you guys would be suffering from like not only acne breakouts where there are special types of flesh-colored pimples that actually are not pimples they're actually a fungal infection which sounds really disgusting but a lot of people get it and they don't understand why because it's not acne, it's not pimple it's like why is this happening to me and it's actually a fungal infection which is caused by your diet so your skin and your body and your hormones kind of played a huge part in like you know your life right so sometimes you might have perfect skin because you're going through great time in your life, your hormones are in check you having great diet.


you're sleeping well and then sometimes just goes everywhere and you're just breaking out for no reason first thing to do is check what you're eating a lot of time it's affected by yeast now with the flesh-colored bumps the actual way to heal is using a anti-dandruff shampoo called "Nizoral" on your skin as a mask or a spot treatment I know it sounds really weird but that's not anything that works or you can use aloe vera like fresh aloe vera and all over your face every day for about a week maybe you'll see a drastic change in your skin but that's the way to basically calm down the acne before you can go on to improving the texture basically four easy step exfoliate, treat, moisturize and conceal those are four simple tips on how to achieve the best texture for your skin.

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