first off, So how did you do did you answer,mostly a or mostly B?


Now if you answered mostly B you most likely are anintrovert, but it's not so black and white it's not that you're either anintrovert or an extrovert and you're on one side or the other it'sactually more like a scale so you could be really completely introverted youlike your time alone or you could be really completely extroverted that youneed to be around other people or you could fall anywhere on that scalenow as for me I definitely fall kind of towards the middle but I definitely aman introvert now someone who falls right in the middle is actually called anambivert.


Now I'd like you to take a moment and ask yourself , now normally this is notactually the case and you might not even be an introvert even though you believeyou are one you might actually be a shy extrovert. Now most people think thatshyness and introversion are synonyms but this is actually not the case solet's start off with shyness what is shyness?

Now shyness is the fear ofsocial judgment, now shyness is painful introversion is not for English learningit's probably that fear that you feel of making mistakes of people laughing atyou or of failing, it's that uncomfortableness that you feel becauseyou sound like a child, it's even the shame that you feel about speaking up inany sort of situation where you can speak English.


Now you certainly shouldnot feel shame for making mistakes it's really a natural part of the process butthat's a really big topic and we'll definitely talk about it in a differentvideo but what I want you to see here is that both extroverts andintroverts can feel shyness and not all introverts are necessarily shy, so youcould be a shy extrovert or you could be a confident introvert in fact I actuallyhave a friend who I recently was just shocked to find out is actually anintrovert because anytime we go to any social gatheringshe is really confident she goes up to other people she's curious about them,she asks really great questions and she seems to just shine in thesekind of situations. So definitely by this description it sounds like my friend isan extrovert, right?

Well it's actually not the case andwe'll see why in just a few moments but for now what I want you to see is thatif you are an introvert it does not mean that you cannot overcome your shynessand be confident and I want the rest of the tips in this video to help you toreach your really confident self while still proudly being an introvert so ifintroversion is not shyness then what exactly is it? Now being an extrovert oran introvert actually has to do with how your brain reacts to stimulation.


Now extroverts really crave stimulation they're drawn to it that's why they thrive in situations like parties meetings orconferences now you probably know some extroverts who have really struggledduring this time of confinement during the pandemic, now introverts on the otherhand are much more sensitive to the stimulation and that's why in these samekinds of situations of being at a party a conference or even a creativebrainstorm they feel overstimulated and their energy is quickly drained theyneed to recharge with quiet, reflection and alone time now this is why introverts are usually much more drawn to activities like reading, watching TVseries, playing video games or even one-on-one conversations but about adeeper topic now if you identify with this then think about when you're withfamily or close friends you probably don't usually kind of feeloverwhelmed and you probably also don't really feel shyness,

but you still will need that time away on your own to recharge your batteries now to find outif you are shy or an introvert think about how you would react to an invitation to a social event.


Now a person who was shy maybe even if they were anextrovert would probably say no to the invitation because they actually feelanxiety or fear but an introvert would say no because they would prefer just tostay in and be on their own. Now this of course also means that you can be a non shy introvert like Bill Gates or Meryl Streep Now while they definitely valuetheir time alone to recharge there are authentic people and they don't reallycare what others think about them.

Now of course you could also be a shy introvertand it's not unlikely in fact many introverts are shy because when theywere younger they received some sort of negative feedback telling them that itwas wrong that they preferred being alone or reflecting or it could just belack of experience because introverts naturally avoid stimulating situations.


Now if you are a shy introvert it might be soothing to you to recognize thatextroverts can also be shy it isn't easy for every extrovert to be on a stage orto be in a really social environment in fact we recently did a lesson teachingEnglish with Shakira and through watching a lot of interviews with her Idiscovered that she's actually really shy but I would be willing to bet thatshe is definitely an extrovert because she has a tremendous presence when she'son stage so she actually used what she was passionate about to overcome hershyness and we'll talk about that more later in the video.

All right so that'sall for this first tip we'll be going through the next ten much faster but aswe do I want you to start reflecting already on whether you are introverted,shy or both so let's get into the next one so the next tip is to actually startspeaking online through Whatsapp or another similar chatting tool.


This will help you to connect through someone through the protective barrier of ascreen and then once you get to know this person better you can actuallyconnect face to face via Skype and practice your speaking now you mightfeel nervous and this is completely normal but the more that you practicethe easier that it will get and another thing that you should know aboutintroverts is that normally we don't like small talk now small talk is kindof those little conversations that you have to try to get to know someone or tostart a conversation like about the weather or what someone does forjob but when you start speaking with someone via Whatsapp you've gotten allthose small talk conversations out of the way so that you can talk about amore deep topic that you'll find more fulfilling as an introvert now a reallyfantastic way for you to start practicing your English in this way isthrough our Fluency Circle community now this is filled with our students fromall over the world who are passionate about learning English just like you nowit is concluded with all of our courses and I would highly recommend ourRealLife Native Immersion Course where we help you to learn English withoutgetting lost and without getting bored we would take you on a forty one weekreal life adventure of the English language each week covering a differenttopic related to our goal to help you to use and understand real native Englishand make it a permanent part of your life in a way that is fun, natural andconvenient and of course if you're more confident about your listening it willalso help you to feel less shy when you get opportunities to communicate withsomeone.

So the best part is that you can try the RealLife Native Immersion Coursefor free with our three-part power learning series just click up here ordown description box below to learn more and sign up.  someone in English now a great way to do this canbe to get a teacher, a coach, a tutor or a language partner now the first reasonthat this is really great is because you get to know them and they get to knowyou there's not as much pressure because it's one-on-one and you know when theconversations going to end because it's usually just one hour or so.


Now if you get a teacher or a coach, a good one anyway they will have a lot ofexperience and they will help you to grow your confidence without judging youor another great option is to practice English with other learners like Imentioned we do this in the Fluency Circle and this is really awesomebecause they have empathy for you they know exactly what you're going through. So one of our strengths is an introvert is making and sticking to a plan so usethat strength.

I highly recommend that you start out by forcing yourself to dosomething where you'll have to speak English now this could beto an English event or a language exchange this could be talking withsomeone in English from your work that you know is from another country or itcould even just be going up to a tourist on the street and starting aconversation.

Now for me personally I love going to language exchanges I find that this is a great way to build my confidence and to reach my goal ofspeaking other languages. 

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