I went with the bacon sauce because who doesn't like bacon. Oh, yeah Well, let's go over some tips So first and foremost always have a full glass of water before you eat if you're trying to lose weight and eat less calories It's gonna help you maintain the fullness a little bit better And you won't eat as much because you're gonna be a little bit more full from the water Next is to always make sure that you are tracking your food.

I Use the app called my fitness pal and as you see this is kind of the process of me logging my food It makes it super easy to keep track of everything and ensure that you're not going over your calories So let's dive into this bad boy and eat all this meat Last bite best bite, baby But we got dessert coming All right And for dessert, you already know the vibes if you're not eating ice cream in the sun and tanning at the same time It's less anabolic less fat loss I promise you so I actually I invested and got some to go sized syrups. I was bringing too many on first date So they got too angry So diet ice cream is the move with a little bit of sugar-free syrup. 


If you haven't tried it, give it a go. Cheers everyone So the macos for that meal were 58 grams of protein 87 carb and 18 fat All right, so we're about to go smash this lift. And then let's go over the most important tip of them all All right, guys, we are in the basement We are going to take some pre-workout, but of course you already know since i'm already caffeinated from caffeine We got the transparent labs stem free i'm gonna be rocking it And we're gonna do one scoop just to get a little bit of the juices flowing. All right, you guys can use my code Jesse at checkout for 10 off supports me directly. And actually I heard that it makes you like five percent meaner But that's just a weird statistic cue the 80s retro music All right, i'm ready to work out now All right. So if you guys are looking for a workout plan a girl just text me.

Let's go, baby not kidding high five Mom i'm not going So if you guys are looking for not a girlfriend like me, but if you're looking for a workout plan Mom, where should they go? If you heard it from her, we're gonna dive into the workout. I run the six day workout plan So try it out because I know a ton of you guys are and you love it. Let the games begin All right guys, so let's make a deal if I hit seven on this I normally only do five or six but I need to push myself because i'm being a little bitch lately.

So if I had seven You hit the subscribe button Hit the subscribe button baby tomorrow and I hit your heavy sets in the beginning don't forget about your strength training It's just as important as hypertrophy after this flat bench.

We're going to move on to some lighter accessory work So i'm just going to dive into that because I really want to just get focused and kill this weight That's gonna wrap up the heavy humane compounds We're gonna move into our sub compounds if you guys are curious how I structure my workouts You can click the I in the corner and go to my weekly workout routine. 


I go over everything really detailed But just a quick rundown I go heavy medium light and then light so let's get to the accessories Oh Oh my god I maneuver this thing so I can get like less of an angle. Like I said And it just fell in A lot of you guys asked me if you can modify the programs that I offer and the answer is yes Like I have this machine here that I just got and I love it But since this is a single arm machine,

I gotta do one arm at a time So, yes, you can modify the plans to whatever you need to do Don't have cables. Do dumbbells don't have dumbbells do barlow I'm gonna do this workout. Next time I go on a date with a girl pop out that chest and be like hey What you doing? Later? And then she'll tell me I'm Big arms are compensating for other things my friends small calves. Come on Mom what are you doing stop?

All right, beautiful people we have ourselves some protein oats We got two packets along one scoop of transparent labs vegan protein chocolate flavor. Absolutely phenomenal But the game changer is not that take a little bit of this ready whip. It's only 10 calories per serving No, dairy, of course, you just put a little on there Boom take a little bit of chocolate syrup Just a tad transform the entire thing into a pretty much Ice cream sundae.

It's beautiful. It tastes good and it's only 200 calories So i'm going to dig into this and then we're going to go on our second venture of cardio along with my father You know, sometimes you guys are saying that we look alike John Comment below if you look alike Let's dig in Last bite best bite, baby Down the hat All right, so that meal is only 32 grams of protein 44 carb and only 7 fat keeping the fat nice and low That's one of the best ways you can get more food in you for the least amount of calories now let's go for the hike get our second cardio in and go over the most important thing which is Involving your calories and how to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat All right, guys We are in the middle of the woods in the middle of our hike and we're going to go over something If you think a man in the woods with a white board is the weirdest thing you've seen I need to think again So we got the basics that we need to go over and understand first. So first things first i'm the realist but One pound of fat is 3 500 calories 1 gram of carbohydrates or protein is 4 calories 1 gram of fat is 9 calories and 1 gram of jesse equals.

I don't know how that got there To make this easy as possible. We're going to go to the four steps of fat loss First one being find your caloric maintenance level, which means how many calories you need to consume? To maintain your exact body weight and this is done with just trial and error So for number two, you're gonna pick your caloric deficit now This can be adjusted.

I recommend 250 to 500 calorie deficit and if you do more cardio You actually can intake more calories because you're going to be burning more or if you do less cardio You intake less calories? That way you're still burning and you're in that caloric deficit for number three We're gonna go with the train with a high volume high intensity and heavy weight This is just gonna keep your size and build strength and muscle throughout your cut Number four is the most important thing along with being consistent Is to pick a plan that you can actually do for a long period of time If you can't do it for a long period of time, it's never gonna work So now let's go over how you find a caloric deficit The first thing you need to do is weigh yourself daily Like I mentioned earlier and then you're gonna find the average weight loss of the week And then what you're gonna do is you're gonna take that number and you're gonna multiply it by 3 500 because that's how many calories There are in one pound of fat Then you're gonna take that number and divide it by seven days and that's going to give you your daily deficit So, you know if you're in a caloric deficit or if it's a zero You're not in a deficit and then you can adjust if needed So let's say you lost 2 pounds over the course of a week on average You take that number 2 times 3 500 it's going to be 7 000 You divide that by 7 Now you realize that you're at a thousand calorie deficit, which is a lot And then you adjust that if needed so you'd see that that's too much and then you can up your calorie intake All right, my friends i'm gonna get my ass out of this woods because it's getting a little weird out here Let's get back home and cook up the next meal because we got something really good Welcome back to another edition of jesse's kitchen in today's video.

We're gonna be doing a little bit of pizza cooking bowie You want some pizza you want pizza? Okay, so we're gonna cook up some buffalo pizza bites and we're also gonna be cooking up some regular pizza bites So let's get into the ingredients. So we got some shredded rotisserie chicken here We got my magic rolls sliced up low calorie fresh basil and fresh spinach our ranch sauce hot sauce basil leaves garlic powder onion powder a little bit of low calorie prego sauce cheese if you're gonna eat dairy, But i'm not going to and some mushrooms because always loving some mushrooms So let's get into how to make it now All these ingredients are not necessary, but they do make for a high protein low calorie meal that tastes Magnifico. Can you tell them italian step one line the pan with the bread?

Step two sprinkle on some of this low calorie sauce onto each one add all your seasonings Then you're gonna add your fresh basil and spinach and just sprinkle these bad boys all over the place Now for the best part, we add the meat And we know we like a lot of meat next up We're just going to toss on a little bit of the ranch a little bit of hot sauce Keep things nice and spicy.

That way we can feel something Then put the oven on 400 degrees toss it in the oven and get cooking, baby All right, everybody it is time to indulge myself into the anabolic chicken pizza bites And this is a fat loss meal like very low calorie high protein Last bite. I just want to tell you that i'm developing feelings for you bite and I hope you feel the same way bite Sadly she doesn't Oh, but I do if you're not looking the plate that means you're a bad cook 48 grams of protein which is fantastic 65 carb only two fat keep the fat low and you will be diced. I Really hope these recipes that i'm giving you are giving you different ideas

Or inspiring you that you can diet too and enjoy your food because trust me that was fantastic Yeah, so in the meantime we're gonna have ourselves a little bit of a snack. We have one serving of popcorn And one plum and then save our last meal before bed. That way. 


We don't go to bed hungry So I will see you guys then All right, beautiful people We have ourselves 212 grams of cauliflower rice some vegetables 7 ounces of chicken and I am going to dig in Because we load it up with some g used teriyaki People tend to binge at night they tend to overeat at night So by eating a big meal right before bed or at least like an hour two before bed really helps get rid of those cravings All right, so that meal was 54 grams of protein 19 carbs and 4 fat extremely low calorie Literally the most filling meal of the day All right The moment you've all been waiting for my final macros for my new diet plan 222 grams of protein 310 carb and 36 fat trying a little bit of a higher protein diet for the next week or so pretty good total calorie count Definitely still in a slight deficit

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