We're going to be going over how I lost 25 pounds of fat Over the course of a year and how I went from fat. Jesse to shredded. Jesse in no time I learned a lot along the way and I want to tell you guys exactly how I did it show you guys Some recipes and my diet that you guys can try out that way you guys can get shredded too I promise you i'm gonna be telling you things that people are not saying There's a lot of really good information that I can tell you.

So let's dive into it I'm, super excited to get this video rolling. If you guys are new to the channel, please consider hitting that subscribe button It means the absolute world to me road to 100k. We're almost there hit the like button if you're feeling generous up to you No pressure and also comment down below and let me know what your goals are right now Are you bulking are you cutting right now? I'm trying to get a little bit leaner because your boy might be hopping on stage soon Let's get inside and cook up meal number one All right,


so as you guys just saw i'm weighing in a little bit heavier than usual i'm not gonna lie It's probably the mcdonald's cheat meal video I did that is gonna be tip number one where you guys need to be tracking your weight Every single day it leads to better consistency. It leads to better fat loss It's good to know how much weight you're losing and i'll go over a little bit more detail of how you can calculate Your deficit which is the additional calories burned below your maintenance level.

So i'll explain all that in a little bit But for right now always track your weight in the morning after you go to the bathroom before you eat. I Promise you you'll be able to see the trend going down if you're doing it correctly Welcome back to another edition of jessie's kitchen today We're cooking up the wonderful the glorious not myself, but french toast.

We're sipping on liquid dope mean a little bit more today Don't mean a caffeine merch now available So i'm gonna say i'll put the recipe on the screen But if you wanna see how to make it Check out my other video i'll link it in the corner hit the I in the corner get yourself a scale So that way you can weigh your food and then log it in an app. Let's dive into cooking this bad boy up So we get some breakfast The moment you all have been waiting for my beautiful diet french toast,


you're probably like jesse How do you eat french toast and get shredded? Well, guess what and when you eat jesse's french toast. You're always getting shredded You can eat various things that are low calorie high in protein Don't be afraid to really add some flavor to it a little extra cinnamon a little extra stevia Keep it nice and healthy, but also really fuel the taste buds. Let's dive into this and then go over some more tips Last bite I'm gonna miss this best bite.

So you guys were already thinking that that meal is gonna be over 500 calories but it's actually not 27 grams of protein 64 carb and Literally one fat as you guys see you can eat really tasty foods and kind of sugary foods If you make them the right way and you kind of modify them to be a diet version So that's gonna be another tip and to make sure you guys enjoy yourself and cook really good meals and try to just get creative So for the next tip, it's going to be go on some morning walks.

I call them my meditational morning walks I absolutely love doing them They help me come up with great ideas to help me clear my head and kind of go from one thought to the next But most importantly it's no effort to burn some extra calories And if you do it enough It adds up to hundreds of calories per day until I started going on morning walks.


I was struggling to lose any fat So if you guys just implement them just two sessions 30 minutes each per day Hell I think you can be shredded now The next step for me would be to make sure I can get 30 minute sessions in in other portions of my life But we're still trying to build that up So pretty much if you could find some extra free time during the day whether you're answering emails You're drinking your coffee in the morning or just something that you can kind of overlap the time with?

Go for your morning walk or go for your daily walk during that time, and I promise you you'll see some great results Because you're gonna be burning more calories than you really think it's all about increasing the neat Calorie burn and that's how much calories you're burning just by moving natural amount 

So if you can increase that you're in a good spot, and I promise you it'll help a lot that literally just rhymed really well If there's any girls out there that likes poets i'm your guy All right, guys, we're in the car my boy stelios.

We have to wear masks because he's going to school very very soon we decided to get some coffee and obviously I don't think we thought this through so, um Yeah, so is it an addiction if every single person is addicted to caffeine I don't think so Yeah, probably not but i'll be the first to admit that I got an addiction if you guys are dieting.


I Definitely recommend getting some decaf coffee This is caffeinated but i'm trying to not make you guys addicted as well helps you get past the hunger That way you can make it a little bit longer So i'd rather have a 30 calorie coffee than kind of get too hungry and have like 200 calories worth of some sort of snack So it's now time to have some lunch and this is where it's really important to get high volume foods To hold you on throughout the day so that way you're not overeating,

So we're going to do is a salad along with some fruit and the main portion of this is my sauce selection It's all super low calorie And if you guys put this on the boring food, 

it makes it really tasty That way you guys can still have low calorie food and get something really awesome out of it So for lunch we have some grilled chicken we have some strawberries and a salad tastes really good I have all my sauces on there.

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