eat twinkies doritosand fast food and you switch to a whole foods dietyou're gonna lose a ton of weight your health will improve and your life willchange but just know that there is a world ofdifference between grain-fed meat so these are the feedlot animals that youcan just buy for cheap at your local grocery store to grass-fed andgrass-finished beef it's the same thing with cheap eggs versus pastured eggs thedifference .

honestly is night and day the cheap eggs havethat light yellow yolk while pastured eggs have that bright orange egg yolkfeedlot animals are fed with fillers corn gummy bears yup true storyto ,

fatten them up they're also pumped with hormones and antibiotics anda lot of that stuff ends up in their meat while grass-fed beef is raised ontheir natural diet grass and there's a popular saying outthere that you are what you eat right well a better version of that isyou are what you eat.


if you're trying to avoid grains forexample and you should you're still inadvertently eating it if you eatfeedlot meat like i said there are levels switching to a wholefoods diet will get you 80 percent there but if you want to go all the way andreally optimize your health definitely look into investing in thehighest quality food you can afford number ,

12 have an optional slashscheduled cheat meal some experts out there preach that youshould completely swear off on your favorite treatsand honestly they're not wrong but i don't know man to melife is all about being able to enjoy yourself every once in a while and notfeel bad about it and i love the 90 10 rulewhen it comes to this 90 of the time follow a whole foods diet.

you're following the right system the other 10 percent if you want to eatice cream do it live your best life and don't feel badabout it i mean don't do it every day obviously this isn't a given inch take amile scenario because the more you tell someone they can't have something themore they want it and from my experience having scheduled cheat mealsincreases adherence drastically it just helps keep people sane because they havesomething to look forward to is this process gonna be a little bit slowermaybe.


but the results are gonna be so much more permanent because you're ableto stick to this lifestyle change long term and i'd rather play the longgame because adherence is everything when it comes to your rate of successnumber 13 learn basic cooking skills and trackyour food you get a two-for-one deal here because they kind of gohand-in-hand a it'll save you so much money if youjust ,

learn how to cook basic meals and b this gives you full control when itcomes to actually knowing what you're putting in your body for example theseare the ingredients of chicken nuggets whereas if you roastsome chicken in the oven you'll know that there's only one ingredient therewhen it comes to tracking food i'm not a big fan of measuring every ounce or gramthat i put in my body but it's important to have some sort of idea of how muchyou're actually eating so just start by writing things down to see where you'reat and you want to log it in a food tracking app like myfitnesspal and putin some information about .


yourself that way you'll get a general sensewhether you're under eating or overeating and you can just makeadjustments from there remember you can't control what youcan't measure number 14 don't stock bad food at home and havego-to meals another two for one because this is alife-saving habit when it comes to weight loss your job is to find healthyfoods you enjoy eating and just have that as your go-to meals every timeyou can just make little variations to change things up that way you'll takethe .

guessing game out of what you're gonna eat every day out of the equationbetter yet make a little extra when you meal prep and freeze it that way if youever find yourself running out of food you have backupand for crying out loud do not stop bad food at home because your environmentdetermines your rate of success and if you always just surround yourself withgood food guess what you're gonna eat so don'teven give yourself the option of going off track by stalking triggerfoods at home .

because human beings are not wired for self-controlnumber 15 do intermittent fasting in my personal humble opinionintermittent fasting is the most powerful method of weight lossbar none its efficacy when it comes to specifically targeting body fat andburning it for energy is unparalleled and i talk aboutintermittent fasting in further detail in a lot of my videos so if you're newto my channel ,

make sure you check those out but the biggest problem withintermittent fasting is there's nothing sexy about it it doesn't sell anyproducts it's the opposite of snacking and this is one of my all-time favoritequestions to ask like what do you think will happen if youstop eating or as i like to call it what do you think will happen if you took abreak from eating you're gonna.

lose weight like a lot ofweight and you're not gonna die when you do this you have at least a hundredthousand calories worth of stored energy in the form of body fatwaiting to be used that's what it's there for it's definitely not just therefor looks number 16 play and have social time we are socialbeings that's how we evolved as human beings we are not meant to livein isolation playing is also a great way to meet people and socialize which isextremely important for your mental healththere's a,

lot of studies out there that shows that lack of human connectiondrastically increases your risk of developing chronic disease just thinkabout when you were a kid some of your best memories were when you were playingbut for some reason we just stopped doing it as we get olderplaying also keeps people young because it gets them moving personally doingmuay,

thai is my version of play it's a little bit on the primal side becausewho likes getting punched in the face but i love it number 17no screen time before bed this just doesn't mean watching tv this alsoincludes your cell phone your laptop or anything that emits bluelight that's called junk light by the way and it's not good for your healthbecause that junk blue light disrupts .

the production of melatoninwhich is your sleep hormone by the way which then leads to poor quality sleepand increased stress levels and i'm gonnatell you why that's really bad in a second here but i'm gonna level with youon this you can watch your favorite netflix showand even surf social media if you have to but 60 minutes before bedshut it down you can read a book instead or talk to your spouse and right beforebed is also a great time to journal number 18exercise and this is one of my favorite things ,

to say because it's just so trueif the benefits of exercise could be put in a pill it would be the greatestblockbuster medication of all time like if you want to be a healthy happy andfunctional human being one of the best things that you can dois to be as physically strong as humanly possible and you achieve thatthrough exercise specifically resistance training because.


it builds musclebecause having a lot of lean muscle mass is a very strong indicator for lifespanand it's extremely important as you age this is non-negotiable for me if youwant to be a healthy happy and functional human being the side effectof it being that it also makes you look at shirtless number 19prioritize sleep there's a reason why we evolved to sleep for a third of ourlives that's when our bodies get the chance toperform important functions like building muscle.

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