Following are the steps that you need to follow to become fluent in english this is a very easy steps for introverts.

Now maybe for you this sounds scary but I think thatif you actually do it you're going to end up having a really good time andjust imagine the fulfillment that you will feel when you actually challengeyourself to do something like this so just to give you another example Iactually traveled to Paris last year and.

even though I have pretty basic French Iwanted to take advantage of this opportunity to increase my skills so Ichallenged myself that anywhere I went I would speak French before asking theperson if they spoke English so basically any time I went to a cafe arestaurant if I asked directions on the street at the museum or anywhere else Iwould always start in French and actually I did learn a lot during just afew days that ,

I was travelling there so this is actually a really great exampleof a small win that I was giving myself now this is just doing something smallthat will help to boost your confidence, so for example, you could go up to atourist on the street and speak to them in English if they seem like they're lostyou could go into a Starbucks where you know that they'll speak English andorder your coffee in English.

it's just finding these little opportunities toactually start using the language and kind of breaking out of your shyness sowhat I recommend that you do for this is that you actually make an agreement withyourself you could actually write this down to make it a little bit moreofficial but I know that you're here you're watching this video because youhave the goal to learn English and we're going to talk more about this in alittle bit but basically one thing,

that you could do just to give you an exampleis that you could agree with yourself that one time a week you're going to go tosome event where you can speak English and basically your goal during that timeis to have one conversation with just one person to get that person's contactand then to continue the conversation later so that you can continuepracticing your English and then if you do that that really pretty small thingthen you can go home and you don't have to feel guilty aboutno to any other opportunities that week also as a part of your plan,

I recommendactually having a time that you're going to leave that way you can go home andrecharge yourself but you definitely need to make the most of the time thatyou have there so the rest of the tips are also going to help you a lot withdeveloping this plan so let's continue. Now another one of your strengths isintrovert .

that you are probably a great listener, introverts tend to bemore focused than extroverts so put this to use put the focus on the other personbe curious be a great listener ask smart questions and people love talking about themselves and this is a really great way to get people to like you. Now I know everyone wants to improve their speaking but you definitely need to recognizeinput versus output now input is what goes in basically reading .

listeningoutput is what goes out so that's writing and speaking now actually inorder to improve your speaking input is super important you need to do much moreof input so listening is really important to develop your skills as aspeaker. So as I mentioned earlier extroverts tend to like small talk like talking about the weather sports or other similar topics but,

introverts tendto prefer deeper topics and this is actually why you might be at like ad inner party or something and see an introvert who's really quiet and youmight think well that person's really shy but it's not actually about shynessthey're probably just thinking this topic just doesn't really interest me soI'm not gonna say anything so as part of your plan to speak more and to overcomeyour shyness one thing that you can actually do is write down at home thingsthat you're really interested in talking about and then you can actually practiceby yourself speaking about these you can even record yourself and listen back togive yourself feedback or another thing.

that you could do is tell that otherperson about something that you recently learned now doing things like this aregoing to not only increase your confidence but they'll actually probablyget you really excited to talk about the topics that you're actually interested in. So as an introvert ,

I know you're going to want to avoid making mistakesbut remind yourself that for that short amount of time that you're having aconversation with another person that the mistakes are great you need to makea lot of them and act in order to improve so don't letthem get you embarrassed make a mental note to learn from them later,

but staypresent while you're in that conversationand speaking of embarrassment it's really important that you start seeingit as something positive all that it means is that you care what other peoplethink of you and studies have shown that people tend to see other people'sembarrassment as an indicator of that person's genuineness and authenticity so,take a deep breath remind yourself of this fact and even start to get used tolaughing it yourself if you make a silly mistake you don't have to take itpersonally.

All right so the next tip is to actually connect your English toanother passion of yours, so before we talked about going to language learningevents or English speaking events but this is not the only way to practiceyour English another really great way to meet people is by actually finding waysthat connect to things you're passionate about so for example say that you lovetennis.

what you could do is find some different tennis forms online andconnect with people there who share your passion and then talk to them about thisinterest you could even connect with them via Skype maybe you can evenconnect to people in your city to give you an example with myself right now.

I'm actually taking vocal coaching and one thing that has been really great is thatnot only am i learning about something new but I'm actually learning vocabularyin Spanish related to that thing that I'm interested in and actually improvingmy vocabulary in the language I'm learning. So this also gives you a wholenew purpose for learning English.

I could give you another example from one of ourteam members Agnieszka who is also an introvert and she also used to be quiteshy but she has really blossomed and she's used her english to do it sheactually joined Toastmasters which was something that she wanted to become abetter public speaker and so she's had to actually give speeches in front ofother people in her native language polish but,

also in English and this hasbeen a whole new way for her to tie her passion of learning English to anotherpassion of hers and to really develop herself as a person and Agnieszka hasalso told me that this has really helped her to overcome her shyness so this is areally great way for you to be less shy as well but also just to get reallyexcited about your because ,

you're tying it to somethingelse that you're passionate about. Okay so if you are an introvert you can neverbe an extrovert and do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise just likeyour height its genetic and it's something that you cannot change but youcan fake it you can stretch yourself and act like an extrovert when it'simportant but just like a rubber band there's a limit to how much it canstretch and.

if you stretch it too much it'll break and it'll be very disastrousso make sure when you do this that you get plenty of time to rest and recharge. However this goes back to the last point if you are faking it it must be for aworthy cause so for you as an English learner it must be, 

and it's anecessary part of achieving that goal or another example would be Meryl Streepthat we talked about earlier she says that she uses visualization exercises toactually put herself into the situation and obviously it works for her becauseit's really convincing in many of her movies that,

she's not an introvert sowhat is your purpose I recommend actually writing about it,journaling about it and really getting to know yourself and that way when youreally do need to act like an extrovert then you'll shine in that presentationor meeting or whatever is really necessary for you to do the things thatare important to you.

Last thing you need to remember

So finally number eleven, it's really valiant what you'redoing you're putting yourself outside of your comfort zone doing things that arereally difficult for you for something that's really important for you soreally it's important that you give yourself some sort of reward for thiseffort so after doing something draining like going to an event, a meeting, alanguage exchange or a party do something that is really fulfilling foryou as an introvert like reading a book for me personally I really enjoy gettingtogether with my friends on the weekend but I alsofind it that it can be really tiring if I overdo it like if I try to make planswith friends for Friday, Saturday and Sunday by the end.

I'm just gonna beexhausted and that's going to affect my work during the week so being that Iactually know this about myself I take this into account when I'm planning myweekends I get together with one group of friends at most just Saturday nightor just Sunday during the day but,

I don't do it more than one day because Iknow if I do then it's not going to be beneficial for me it's going to have theopposite effect but by doing this I'm actually getting out there I'm seeingthe people that I care about and then I reward myself by doing something that Iwould prefer to do at home on Sunday.

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