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one drinking a nice big glass of water is agreat way to start your day waking up from your sleep is also the longestperiod in your 24 hour cycle where you've gone withoutwater and 60 of the human body is made up of water it's essential to life andyour body needs it to function properly all of your organs and tissues depend onwater it helps maintain the balance of body fluids and if you don't get enoughof it even mild dehydration can,


affect youmentally and physically and if you're someone who drinks coke ordiet coke or gatorade or any of those sugary drinks and you replace it withwater your life will change it's a little different for everyone but ifyou're wondering what the optimal amount istry to drink your body weight in kilos in ounces of water so let's say youweigh 60 kilos you want to drink 60 ounces of water okay number two we'regoing to build on this we're going to build throughout the day herei want you to practice mindfulness through meditation this is basicallyexercise for the brain this falls in the category honestly of i wishi started.


lot sooner because it's had that big of an impact in my lifeand the life of my students and if you ask anybody who constantly practicesmeditation they'll tell you the  what i lost anger anxiety depression insecurityfear of old age and death you get all those things by simply finding time foryourself closing your eyes and just focusing onyour breath why wouldn't you do it and i like using a guidedmeditation app for this called ,

headspace because you just listen to a nice voicethroughout the practice number three start a gratitude journalanother thing that falls in the category of i wish i started this a lot soonerthere are so many benefits of putting thoughts to paper it's not even funnyand one of the reasons why you want to journal is this is where you get topractice gratitude and just keep it simple thereare no rules to this but for starters just write down five things you'rethankful for every day and five things you love aboutyourself and when you do this you can't help but feel good andwho doesn't want that who doesn't want starting their day feeling.


goodnumber four go for a walk i've made tons of videos why this is so beneficial whenit comes to your health and weight loss because this is how we evolved weevolved as human beings to move otherwise it'd be a treat and i alwaysadvocate for getting 10 000 steps spread throughout the daybecause it forces you to avoid prolonged periods where you're completelysedentary because nothing shuts down your fat burning metabolism faster thanprolonged periods where you're not moving your chances of developingchronic disease when you live a sedentary lifestyle also increasestenfold walking can also be extremely.


 therapeutic for a lot of people it'sextremely relaxing you can also get some much needed vitamin d in your body whenyou go at it by exposing as much of your skin aspossible it's also a great way to lower your stress levels like if i ever feelfrustrated or,

flustered or whenever i feel anxious i usually go for a walk andby the end of it i feel ten times better number five stop usingartificial sweeteners drinking diet soda or anything that'sbranded as zero calories but is artificially sweetened i kind of alreadymentioned this at the beginning but this is honestly one of the biggest thingsthat sabotages people's weight if it sounds too good to be true it probably is all you really need toknow about this is drinking.


diet soda is often linked to weight gain andobesity instead of weight loss because it destroys your gut microbiomeyour brain gets confused when you drink this stuff and you usually end upcraving more sweets afterwards that's why people get addicted to this stuffand they think they're doing their body a favor listennothing that sweet ever gets a free pass once it enters your systemit doesn't matter that it's zero calories your body doesn't even countcalories it basically has the same effect as drinking regular soda the zerocalorie concept is honestly one of the biggest lies in the nutrition industrynumber six stop eating low calorie food or low-fat versions of foods this one'ssimple you're eating fake food here these arefood-like products that's been processed to the nth degree to make it look likefood and usually to make anything low caloriefat usually gets taken out because,

it's calorically dense but food companieshave to replace fat with something else to make it tastegood and that something else is sugar which then makes these foodsextremely fattening just remember that there are no bad foods onlyprocessed ones if it comes with the nutrition label sticker you shouldprobably think twice and read it first before you put it in your mouthnumber seven stop snacking if you're trying to lose weight and be healthythis is one of the habits that just needs to go there is absolutely noreason for you to snack food companies made upsnacking to sell you products there's zero science behind it because weusually don't snack on the healthiest stuff we snack on chipscookies crackers candy granola bars and protein bars which are.


just allprocessed foods we as human beings did not evolve tosnack and eat six small meals a day our paleolithic ancestors would haveconsidered us gluttons if they found out that we do this thing called snackingevery time we're born number eight don't waste your money on workout supplementsnow this isn't to say that workout supplements are completely uselessthere's a time and place for it but oftentimes i see a lot of peoplebuy a lot of expensive workout supplements before.

addressing otherconcerns that are way more pressing you're basically majoring in the minorhere because if you don't address your diet and your lifestyle first you mightas well light your money on fire when you do thisyou need.


thatdebunks this fat phobia completely but the tldr versionof this is fat doesn't make you fat if anything ifyou're not eating enough fat you're probably fat it's essential to everycellular function in your body it's the same thing with cholesterol they kind ofgo hand in hand and it's so important that your body can actually make its owncholesterol by synthesizing vitamin d from the sun you would die without ityour brain is also made up of mostly fat your body actually prefers fat as itsmain source of fuel because it's a cleaner.


burning fuelfat also activates cholecystokinin which is one of your key satiety hormones andit's delicious number 10 drink less alcohol ihave yet to find any actual research that shows that alcohol is good for youit's just not you're literally poisoning your bodyjust enough when you drink this stuff that's why you get the buttsalcohol also pauses the burning of all other calories that's why it's a lethalcombination when you drink and eat at the same time because anycalories from the food that you're eatingimmediately get stored as body fat because your body has to.


 somebody commented on one of my videos the other day that beeris basically liquid bread which is pretty darn accurate by the way anystudy that you find that claims that alcoholhas health benefits is most likely just cherry-picking data that can onlyestablish correlation but not causation number 11 invest inhigh quality food i always like to say thatthere are levels to this if you regularly.

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