let's start with makeup productsfirst product i have is this lancome booster xlthis is basically a primer for your eyelashes before you put on your mascarathis works wonderfully it is my favorite mascaraprimer i've ever tried it is expensive and so ikeep trying drugstore versions but just none of,

them compare to this in myopinion next up i'm definitely calling this aproduct empty even though it just broke it is mytarte eyelash curler and the spring just broke so it doesn't actuallydo anything anymore i have to like physically push my eyelashes and thenpull it again this only lasted me about two years i'venever had an eyelash curler break before so i'm not sure which onei will buy next if you have a favorite brand .

of eyelash curler will you pleaseleave it below because i'm in the market for a new one obviouslynext up sunscreen so i really like this burt's bees all weather spf 15lip balm it's basically like a chapstick oh gosh here's the end of it like it'salready 

there's nothing left in it oh goshthings are just flying at me so this lip balm is one of the only ones i've foundwith a physical sunscreen in it instead of a chemical sunscreenthis one does however have a slightly white cast to it but it does prevent mylips from getting sunburned so i just make sure ,

i apply it before i go outsidenext up is a facial sunscreen i've been loving this is the clinique spf 50mineral face sunscreen i love mineral which is physical sunscreen idid a whole video comparing physical and chemical sunscreen if youwant to check it out i'll link it for youum so i love a mineral sunscreen for my face and this was spf 50 which isamazing that's what i look for also and it worked beautifully it workedunderneath 

my makeup it went on smoothly didn't crease and makemy skin look oily because i have really oily skin however i didn't realize thatit was so expensive for only one ounce i think it was $28 forone ounce it's kind of pricey so i don't plan on repurchasing this unlessmaybe there's a sale it's a great product .


i just feel like itcosts too much next up are these collagen eye masksi really enjoyed these they're super affordable i buy them on amazon it isonly six dollars for 60 pairs which is kind of amazingthey really do tighten up and brighten my under eye area sobefore i'm going to put on my makeup if i remember i'll slap these on for maybe15 minutes before i apply my makeup and my makeupgoes on a lot smoother 

my under eyes look a lot brighterhowever it doesn't last all day long and obviously it's not permanent butum it does help to make me look more awake which is nice i haven'trepurchased these yet but i plan on repurchasing them i've just been tryingto use up ones that i got in my boxycharm first .

but then i willdefinitely repurchase these next up is my favorite facialmoisturizer of all time you guys have seen me mention this a bunch i won'ttalk about it very much it's my Cerave pm facial moisturizing lotionyou can use this in the am as well it just says pm because it doesn't have anysunscreen in it this product is amazing for my oily skin when i just need alittle bit of moisturization because i'm using an irritating product orin the winter my skin just gets a little bit drierthis is awesome,

i apply it every single night and in the morning as neededit is oil free it contains ceramides niacinamide and hyaluronic acid whichare amazing for your skin so i can't recommend this enough i love iti will repurchase this forever and ever and ever so i've been using this obagiretinol 1.0 cream i use it every single night before bedi have noticed that since using this my fine lines are less apparent and my skinlooks a little bit more glowy however this is $67 for one ounce .

that isso expensive i'm not sure why i spent that muchso instead of repurchasing this i actually switched to adapalene which isunder the brand name Differin it used to be a prescription from yourdermatologist and now you can get it over ,

the counter it is a really strongretinol so i'm trying that for now um and idon't think i'm gonna come back to this just since it was so expensive andthere's more affordable options out there but itwas nice while i was using it and it has this nice little handy pump in herewhich .


i really enjoyed next up is this Paula's choice azelaicacid booster so i really love azelaic acid it's kind of an anti-inflammatoryso not only does it calm your skin down it helps prevent acne andalso helps treat discoloration hyperpigmentation melasma which,

i have alot of so i'm a huge fan of azelaic acid itried this from paul's choice it was about 40 bucks for anounce of this and while it did work i didn't really noticea big difference from my ordinary cream acelic acid which is maybe i don't know it'sless than 10 bucks so after i used.

this up i purchased theordinary one again just because it's less expensive and itworks just as well but i did enjoy thisall right next up is self tanner you guys know my tried and trueSt. Tropez self tan express you put it,

on one hour for a light tan two hours formedium tan in three hours for an extra dark deep tan so i ran out of this and ihave to say i can't even believe i'm saying thislike did someone take over my body and this is not sara talkingi don't think i'm gonna repurchase St. Tropez right .

now because i found adrugstore version i love even more and it works even faster andit smells even better what is my life i never thought i wouldstop recommending this i still recommend this it's wonderful itlasts so long and it pretty much goes on flawlessly howeveri just decided to switch the one i'm talking about is ten dollarsand it's from b. 

tan i'm gonna link my whole video for you right up hereand in the description below because you definitely want to see it in action it'sreally good i'm wearing it right now i put it on every single weekit only takes an hour to develop it's so good buti do love the St. Tropez and i'll probably come back to it at some pointbut just not right now who am i i feel like i'm not actually making thisvideo because i can't believe.


that i'm saying i'm not repurchasing this this iswild okay moving on next up is my tried andtrue best face wash in the entire world foroily skin i'm not going to talk about this long because i mention it all thetime the cerave foaming facial cleanser it is amazing it takes all of my makeupoff like ,

this full face of makeup it'll take it off in two seconds i just rub itall over rinse it off it's fabulousi will wear it for the rest of my life wear it i will apply it i will useit for the rest of my life that's more like it sara it's awesome it's greati'm just gonna i could talk about it all day but i'm justgonna we're gonna move on alright two more body products thenwe're moving on to hair and i have a shaving cream alsoso you guys have seen me mention.

 this before too this extra virgin coconut oilso i use this as a body moisturizer but i don't like it to get in my hair sowherever my hair ends i basically apply thisfrom there down so it's usually like my lower back on down to my feetum and it just i use it as a moisturizer before i get in bed at nightand i really like this a lotion would do it too i just really like that thisbasically has hardly anything in it it's just coconutoil and.

it moisturizes my skin beautifully especially in the wintermonths so i go through these i don't know everycouple of months it contains a whole lot of product theonly complaint i have about this which is has nothing to do with this productand everything to do with my dogs my dogs love licking this off of me so ihave to like apply it and then run and get under thecovers as fast as i can so they.

don't lick it off of me butother than that it's a great product okay and lotion i've mentioned this babybefore too this Aveeno daily moisturizing lotionit is my favorite so i basically apply this from my neckdown to where i start applying the coconut oil every night before i go tosleep and ,

it's awesome it's not greasy it doesn't have a smell it's very gentle on your skinit's wonderful i have like three more bottles downstairs as back up because ican't stand to be out of it and my dogs don't like to lick this offof me just the coconut oil so this part is safe all right i have three hair products two of my products are living proof i amsuch a fan of living proof lately i their products are amazing onmy hair make my hair look so good so first off i have this living prooffull dry volume blast this is the styling and finishing spray so basically this is a medium hold hair spray,

it works wonderfully so when i ran out of this i bought their full holdjust to try it on my curls just i don't know to see if i would likeit i don't like it .


as well so as soon as i'm out of thati'm definitely repurchasing this so this is my favorite hairspray it definitelyholds your style holds my curl in place without adding any weightnext up is my living proof perfect hair day dry shampoo this is my favoriteshampoo of.

all time i've been through maybe three of these bottles they're soso so good so i haven't repurchased it there's stilllike the tiniest amount in here but i've been saving it because i know that ionly have maybe one more use of.

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